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How To Add And Use Dyno Bot On Discord

    The ease and efficacy of Discord’s managing multiple servers and many users are due to bots. There are a lot of bots in their servers to assist with moderating the server, for example, adding or removing roles from members.

    Dyno bot is a great bot to help administrators or owners of servers moderate a Discord server. In this article, we will look at how to utilize this bot for assigning roles to participants without delay.

    Quick Response

    If you want to use Dyno bot to use Dyno bot, begin by setting up your server. After that, you can activate the “automobile” or the “auto role” feature. Navigate to the Manager Server page on the Dyno website. Click on your server, and create a new name for the Dyno bot on the tab Home. Look for your “module configuration” section and activate the option “auto role.” You have access to”auto role” by selecting the “auto roles” option from the “module configuration” section and determining the period of automatic roles that you assign to new members.

    This article will discuss the Dyno bot and how you can incorporate it on the Discord servers. In addition, we will go over how to use Discord’s Dyno bot in Discord to assign automated roles to new members.

    What’s Dyno Bot?

    Using the Dyno Bot to govern your Discord server and track channels better is possible because of its numerous moderating tools.

    Dyno Bot is an efficient automated tool that can control the discord server. For example, you could use Dyno Bot to send messages to new members and listen to music played on your server, all through your browser.

    Modifying and configuring Dyno Bot settings from the App’s control panel is possible.

    Dyno’s idle timeout feature and features for spam content make it one of the top bots available for Discord.

    If you manage multiple people managing your Discord server, give different rights to each person based on their respective responsibilities.

    Dyno bot servers currently manage around 800,000 people, offering various options, including free and paid.

    We will now look at the many functions and commands available in Dyno.

    Features Of Dyno Bot

    We’ve discussed how the Dyno bot can aid you in managing and tailoring your Discord server to date; however, that’s just the start. Dyno bot also has some unique capabilities you need to be aware of.

    As well as the normal chat functions.

    Dyno bot provides additional tools, including direct messages to customers, updates on pandemic outbreaks (e.g., creating polls), and pictures of animals, such as canines and cats.

    Dyno Bot developers constantly update it to include new functions.

    Dyno Bot Discord Server Rules

    The following rules are Dyno Bot Discord server rules you must follow:

    Rule 1:There is no NSFW

    We have zero tolerance for NSFW or NSFL speech or anything else.

    (Usernames and avatars are included in this.)

    Rule 2: Be respectful.

    The use of violence, racism, expression, or hostility towards users is not acceptable. Negative comments on other bots are also not tolerated.

    Rule 3: No self-promotion or email

    Promotions and spam aren’t allowed on the server, within DMs, or in DMs. If you receive similar messages, please report them to 174603896990203905 if you accept them (with photos of your mutual servers and the complete DM record).

    Rule 4: The server’s primary language is English.

    Dyno assistance in a language different from English can assist you should you require it. For users in France, France has access to support.

    Rule 5: Never employ offensive words or pretend to be bots or workers

    There shouldn’t be objectionable or offensive content or format in your username. The reason for a ban could be pretending to be staff members, Dyno, or other bots.

    Rule 6: Staff members are allowed to intervene as they deem they are required to do.

    Everything could be better, and neither is our system of guidelines. We will never allow loopholes of any type to be tolerated. Anything not included in this list that is inappropriate could be handled moderately. The staff members try to ensure a tranquil and safe environment on the server; employ your common sense and do not complain.

    How do I add DynoBots to Discord?

    To join Discord to your list, add the Dyno bot to Discord. You must follow these steps in the sequence.

    Step 1: Launch Discord Server

    Start the Discord server from the Discord application that you would like to include”Dyno” as a bot as we choose “Linuxhint”:

    Step 2: Open the App Directory

    Navigate to the server menu, making use of the drop-down arrow, and connect to”App Directory” feature “App Directory” feature:

    Step 3: Find Dyno Bot

    Find “Dyno bot” in the highlight tab of the search:

    Step 4: Access Dyno Bot

    Then, you can use”Dyno” bot now “Dyno” bot from the listed options:

    Step 5: Sign in to Discord using a browser.

    Add the server.

    Click the “Add to Server” button to connect this bot with your server.

    Select on the “Yep!” button for confirmation:

    Step 6: Sign in to Discord using a browser.

    Log into your Discord account by entering your credentials, then click”Log In” “Log In”:

    Step 7: Pick the Discord Server

    Pick the Discord server that you prefer for Dyno to the Dyno bot. In this case, we’ll select”Linuxhint,” which is the “Linuxhint” Discord server from the following list:

    Proceed to the next stage by clicking”Continue” or the “Continue” button:

    Step 8: Permit Permissions

    Grant the necessary access through the checkboxes. Once you have done that, press”Authorize” “Authorize” button:

    Step 9: Mark the Captcha Box

    Check your identity using the captcha button:

    The below image demonstrates that permissions were granted successfully.

    Step 10: Check the Dyno Bot’s existence

    Return on back to Discord Main screen of the server to check the Dyno bot’s presence:

    Step 11: Connect to Dyno Bot Commands

    The Dyno bot’s commands using”/” in the message area “/” in the message box:

    In the end, an open-ended window appears with the Dyno bot’s commands and the description of each.

    It is important to note that, depending on the bot’s configuration, the procedure above will take you to the Discord web-based app. It will then ask you to select a Discord server or to add the bot directly to the current server.

    How can I get rid of Dyno Bot from Discord?

    There are instances when you want to eliminate the bot from your Discord server for security, privacy issues, etc.

    How can I get rid of Dyno bots from Discord?

    • If you want to eliminate Dyno Discord Bot from your server, here are the steps you need to take care of.
    • Start the server where you wish to delete Dyno Bot. Dyno Bot.
    • The Dyno Bot icon is on the right-hand side—Right-click on it.
    • Choose the option to kick the Dyno option to take the bot off your server.

    An option will pop up with a request for why you want to kick the bot. It is possible to provide your reason or leave the box blank. You’ll see the bot deleted from your servers when you click Kick.


    The Dyno bot is a trusted moderator Discord bot. First, you must configure the bot on your Discord server before using it to assign various automated roles to members on your server.

    In addition, you can define the period for how long it will take before you assign roles. This article has explained each step of setting the functions automatically for new members. That’s it!

    Commonly Answered Questions

    Q1. What Is Dyno Bot Do in Discord?

    Fully adjustable moderating of your server Discord bot that provides an easy-to-use online dashboard to manage the management of your Discord server. The administration of servers has been made more accessible.

    Q2. Do Dyno Bots Ban Words?

    You can transform Dyno into your moderator by applying Automod, the Automod plugin! Dyno can be on the lookout for various things that you don’t like to have on your server, including spam, forbidden words, spoilers, and so on.

    Q3. What is the best way to use A Dyno?

    When you enable the AFK state, Dyno will automatically append “[AFK]” at the beginning of your username (if you have permission). We note that Dyno will remove you from AFK status if you communicate on any channel that doesn’t have a problem with being ignored.

    Q4. What Can I Do to Change My Dyno Name?

    Enter the new name in the field (or leave it blank to begin again), then press”Update” “Update” button to make the changes. Once you’ve done that, Dyno will change his username on your server to that you select!

    Q5. Why Does Dyno Bot Not Work?

    What can I do? What should I do if Dyno does not respond to my requests? Test these solution suggestions if Dyno is online: To ensure that you’re using the correct prefix, first try @Dyno. If Dyno does not have Administrator power, be sure they have the View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links rights for that channel.

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