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How To Get On A Buzzing Playlist On SoundCloud

    Buzzing Playlists is a brand new series of fan-powered, specific genre playlists featuring music based on real fan engagement. They are updated weekly. The playlists come directly from Next Pro artists who’ve opted to have their songs reviewed by First Fans. They aim to introduce the artists to a wider audience, allowing them to be heard by new followers.

    Buzzing Playlists will highlight the latest music of the excellent new and emerging Next Pro artists in Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Electronic music. For Next Pro artists, it’s an opportunity to showcase their desirable new tracks and meet potential supporters. For listeners, it’s a chance to find out what tracks and artists other people in their own community are taking notice of.

    How Buzzing Playlists Work

    SoundCloud Next Pro artists upload new tracks and then opt-in to be analyzed through First Fans, our recommendation algorithm.

    First, Fans analyze the uploads and then recommend them to up to 100 listeners based on their prior listening habits.

    Ultimately, the best tracks will be recommended to up to 1000 people.

    The most successful tracks from those suggested—those that people are most engaged with (likes and comments, reposts, replays, and playlists)—can be included in a Buzzing playlist.

    What exactly is the SoundCloud Buzzing Playlist, and how can I get on it?

    Buzzing playlists are a result of fan feedback and genre-based playlists, which are regularly updated and sourced from artists who have chosen to be scrutinized by the people who are fans first. The idea is for artists to make their voices heard and to find new followers.

    To have your music featured in a playlist on Buzzing on SoundCloud, you must be the SoundCloud Next Pro artist. Here’s how to do it.

    Step 1: Become a Next Pro Artist

    The only chart-toppers of Next Pro performers selected by First Fans, which is an advanced algorithm for analysis, enjoy access to Buzzing Playlist as well as other performers.

    • Go to the SoundCloud Next Pro for the subscription page.
    • Select the Pro plan of subscription that’s excellent for your needs.
    • Register an account with Next Pro using your login credentials.
    • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the signing-up or upgrading process.

    Step 2: Upload a Fresh New Music Track

    As a Next Pro artist, to join a popular playlist on SoundCloud, it is necessary to be one of the most popular tracks which SoundCloud manages on their website. The steps to follow are as follows:

    • If you are a Next Pro Artist, add a new track to SoundCloud.
    • Join today to have your track of music scanned by First Fans, the music recommendation algorithm.
    • Following that, people will be able to listen to your uploaded music and then recommend it to 100 people with the same music preferences.
    • If your track does well, it will be re-routed to a further 1000 participants.

    The most popular playlists that are most streamed, as well as the ones with the highest number of views with playlist advertisements and replays, are included on the Buzzing playlist.

    How do you get paid on SoundCloud as an artist?

    Next Pro provides everything you need to be an artist, including exclusive tools and discounts that you can utilize to make a mark, increase your fan base, and earn money. The service is now available to music stores like Spotify and Apple Music.

    You can make money from the value of your Next Pro Artist account and earn cash by selling your songs through various partnerships through SoundCloud. The amount you receive will be compatible with the number of streams you have made. This is how to use it:

    • Sign in to SoundCloud and then go to the Earnings section.
    • Choose the Payouts choice.
    • Select Add Payout Method, then select the payment method, such as Bank Transfer and Paypal.
    • Input all pertinent fields for yourself, whether an individual or a company.
    • Go to your details for the payment method and click Submit a Tax Form.

    Will each track I opt into First Fans be featured in a Buzzing playlist?

    Only the best performers from Next Pro artists who opt to have their tracks reviewed by First Fan can make it to a buzzing playlist.

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