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How To Use Plinky To Organize Links

    Plinky is a great way to perform a task we use all the time: to save hyperlinks for later use. It’s likely that you already have an opportunity to save your hyperlinks, but I’ve tried all the methods in the world until I decided to develop my app. This app is called Plinky available and is currently accessible for download from the App Store. In the past 18 months, users have adored Plinky since it solves similar issues I’ve encountered when I spent time-saving efforts to fill up Apple Notes with links to revisit later on; however, it turned out to be chaos.

    I tried to close browser tabs that contained links I would like to check out later. However, the hyperlinks I required later became hidden among the hundreds of tabs opened at the moment.

    I’ve even tried for hours with programs specifically to read later articles; however, not all links can be read.

    This inspired me to create Plinky as a place to store your weblinks.

    What’s coming next for Plinky?

    Over the next couple of months, Fabisevich is looking to improve functionality for customization and organization—the application.

    He would like to make it easier for individuals to upload links to existing services such as GoodLinks, Raindrop, and Pocket, which may already have libraries of clippings, bookmarks, and other items.

    The creator also hopes to include secure folders for the storage of sensitive information and an app experience for reading with the option to create reminders of links that you might want to revisit in the future. He also wants to develop a native Mac app since the current version is merely an iPad application suitable for MacOS devices running Apple’s own processors.

    I enjoyed that the app’s benefits section lists forthcoming new features that users can vote on. The feature with the highest votes will receive the most.

    Fabisevich wants to build customized workflows to save and prioritize links with an improved browsing experience in the long term.

    How to Use Plinky to Organize Links

    With Plinky, you can bookmark your most visited websites, attach labels to them, and even add personalized messages. If you don’t want to waste your time, read on for more information on how to accomplish all of this.

    • Be aware that Plinky is available only for iPhones or iPads. Apple Silicon Macs.
    • Start the Plinky application and then tap the Plus icon at the bottom of the application.
    • Paste your URL in the heading Save an Article.
    • Tap on Allow Paste.
    • Click on Tags and add any tags that are specific to the URLs.
    • Enter your tag’s name.
    • If you want to create an aesthetically pleasing hyperlink folder, choose any scheme of color under the categories of PRIMARY, NIGHT AND DAY, PASTELS, and HIGH CONTRAST MIX ‘N MATCH.
    • Tap on Save.

    This way, you can make and save a link directory together with Plinky.

    How to Add Multiple Tags on a Link Folder on Plinky

    If you’d like to add tags to your folder on Plinky, Here are the steps you’ll need to do:

    • Click on Plinky and navigate to the home screen.
    • Then, long press on a link folder and tap Edit.
    • Touch the plus symbol beneath TAGS.
    • Enter your brand new tags, and then save.

    Can I Pin My Links on Plinky?

    You can undoubtedly be in any of your link folders on Plinky. Learn how to do it:

    • Open Plinky.
    • Visit your home screen and press long on the link folder.
    • Tap on Pin.

    The links that are important to you are quickly pinged at the top of the dashboard.How to Use Plinky to Organize Links

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