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How Old is Black Star From Soul Eater

In the three characters of Soul Eater, Black Star is among the most intriguing. Black Star started as a flawed character who was thinking overly highly of himself but transformed into a mature and well-rounded person who was willing to take any step to assist his fellow characters. He had always had clearly defined and defined goals and had to conquer numerous obstacles.

As fascinating as he was, it’s not a surprise that certain things have slipped beneath the viewers’ radar. This is particularly the case for those who just watched the show.


BlackStar is an assassin the Shadow Weapon Meister) and the final survivor of the notorious Star Clan, though he was removed from the DWMA and was later raised in the DWMA by Sid Barrett. In the DWMA, BlackStar’s weapon is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, and he is among the best five pupils at the academy.

Black Star is the name of the character

Black Star is the only descendant of the Star Clan. He’s also a show-off and claims that he will be greater than God.

With his weapon Tsubaki (who can transform into various Ninja weapons), He can build shields and detect enemies, run at high speeds and even create clones.

Without Tsubaki, he can use “Black Star Big Wave,” which sends a massive quantity of energy from the soul through an opponent’s body to shock or harm them.

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