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How To Make A Slushie

    There’s nothing more refreshing than cooling down with a slushie on a scorching day. Cool and refreshing slushies are an accurate method to beat the scorching heat. Below are 3 easy techniques that will help you create a slushie.

    The slushies are delicious and are very simple to make at home, so there is no need for a slushie maker!

    Slushies can be an ideal choice if you want to offer your kids a fantastic gift. While your kids are outdoors playing in the sun on a hot summer day, try the following recipes to surprise the kids with a tasty slushy. Huge smiles are for sure!

    We want to demonstrate how you can create delicious slushies in your home in three ways. With an electric mixer, blender, mixer, freeze cubes, or use a slushie machine.

    It’s an excellent method to cool off on the hottest summer days. It is possible to choose from many flavors, including alcoholic slushies and fruit slushies. Find out more information here.

    How Does It Work?

    Slushies’ science is based on lowering the temperature at which the liquid. The salt inside the bag decreases the temperature at which the liquid can freeze. If the liquid cools lower than its freezing point by agitating it, it forms tiny ice crystals throughout the liquid. They give it a creamy consistency. If you’re drinking Slushies, you’re drinking the delicious mix of cold crystals and flavors. It’s a refreshing and cool dessert that’s ideal for hot days!

    Homemade Slushies Made With Real Fruit


    • 1 Cup Fresh or Frozen Fruit
    • 1 1/2 Cups of Ice
    • Splash of Water or Coconut Water
    • One Drop of Trace Minerals to help electrolytes (optional)
    • Stevia or raw honey (optional)
    • Peppermint Leaves, Citrus Rind, Fresh Grated Ginger


    • It’s accurate to begin with cold fruits. I made this recipe using fresh watermelon, cantaloupe, and fresh fruit. I also used frozen blueberries and raspberries.
    • Put 1 cup of fruit into your blender. Add 3 cups of Ice. Blend the fruits and ice until soft. Make extra ice if needed. The frozen fruits needed less ice than fresh fruits. It is possible to freeze coconut water in ice-cube tray trays and utilize them instead of regular ice. Coconut water can add more sugar and electrolytes to your smoothie!
    • Taste your Slushie. If you want it to taste a bit sweeter, add 1/2 teaspoon raw honey or a drop of Stevia. Include a drop of Trace Minerals in electrolytes.
    • You can make it more flavorful! I added peppermint extract to the watermelon slushie and grated orange zest to the blueberry Slushie. The combination was terrific. This was a great recipe!!

    Helpful Tools

    An excellent blender. Do you need an expensive blender to make this recipe? Yes, but it is beneficial to use the aid of an (affiliate) to break down the chunks of ice.
    Measuring cup: A top quality (affiliate) with a sturdy pour spout can help add ingredients to your blender.
    Straws are available for purchase as a slushie mug (affiliate) with a lid and straw or a set of slushie Straws (affiliate) for $3. They come with an end spoon, which makes them simple to use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can you create slushies in your home?

    If you want to make a slushie at home, you must mix frozen juice and fruit in a blender. Blend it into a cold beverage. It’s easy!

    Do I have anything else I could do instead of juice?

    If you’d prefer not to drink the juice, make half frozen and half fresh fruit with a splash of water. This is accurate with grapes and watermelon as they contain more liquid than fruits, such as apples.

    What’s the difference between a Slushie and a Smoothie?

    A slushie can be more icy than a smoothie. The smoothie typically comprises yogurt or milk, while a slushie can be made of fruit or juice.

    Do I need the slushie maker?

    Blenders work very well in this case. I’ve got a Certified Refurbished Vitamix (which costs less than buying a new model), which has worked very well in creating these.

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