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Xbox One Won’t Turn On But Beeps

    “Xbox One S won’t turn on but beeps” issues are quite frequent, and some problems can be easily solved by following a few easy steps. If there’s no issue with the hardware then it is possible that the “Xbox One won’t power on but beeps” problem is also a solution.

    There are a variety of reasons for”Xbox One S won’t turn On but Beeps” solutions to the issue are diverse. A variety of typical Xbox One won’t turn on problems will be addressed and solutions could be suggested.

    Soft reset and power cycle your Xbox One

    The simplest and most popular solution to fix the Xbox One that beeps but does not turn on is the soft reset or power cycle or any combination of both.

    It is important to do the soft reset first because this will eliminate your console from any stored power.

    Soft reset

    Try to reset your console to remove built-up power from internal components.

    This won’t impact the apps or games you’ve downloaded So you don’t need to fret about re-downloading or installing any software afterward.

    To soft reset your Xbox One:

    Disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet.
    Wait 15 seconds. The power button should be pressed either once or twice when the console is disconnected. This action will drain any excess power that is stored in the console’s capacitors.
    Connect the console’s power cord back to your wall socket.
    Switch the unit back on using the power button, and examine if the issue has been resolved.

    How to Fix “Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps”

    To resolve this issue of booting It is possible to try a few different solutions before settling on the one that resolves the issue. We have listed all tried and tested solutions that generally will work in this scenario. When none of the solutions work for you, we’ve listed the possible causes of the cause of why your Xbox One is not turning on, despite having tried every option. If you read through all the causes you could discover what’s the cause and then fix it.

    Press the Eject Button Repeatedly

    This option works in all instances. Click the button to eject 10 times in succession then the Xbox one will boot normally. If this doesn’t work, try doing it 2 or 3 times more and it might succeed.

    Reset the Internal Power Supply

    This is a simple procedure. Unplug the power cord from your Xbox and wait 10 to 15 minutes. After that, reconnect the cable and press the power button. The Xbox might start normally.

    Xbox One Won’t Turn on at All

    If you find that the Xbox One won’t turn on or even boot up, test the following techniques each one at a time until the console is booting normally.

    Examine the Controller: If you have attempted to press the Xbox button on the controller and failed, you can try using the Power button on the console instead. If that is successful, replace the battery on the controller. Switch off your Xbox One, and then try to turn it back on through the controller. If that fails connect the console to the controller using the USB cable and attempt again. If none of these steps succeed, you should get another controller.
    Examine the Power Cord Make sure that the power cord is securely seated inside the console and is connected to the outlet securely. If you’ve connected your power strip make sure that the power switch on the power strip is in the “On “on” position and the power strip itself is operating. In case the electrical outlet of the power strip has been damaged, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
    Xbox One will not turn on if there’s a problem with the controller or the power cord. If the Xbox one doesn’t turn on problem occurs, make sure you examine them first.

    Insert a Disc in the Disc Drive of the Xbox One

    This option is useful when you don’t have a disc in the disc drive on the console. If the console is off, but only a tiny portion of the disc is in the drive, then press the power button, then watch for the sound to be heard. When you hear the beep attempt to push the disc in gently so that the console can recognize the disc, and might be turned on.

    Remove the USB Devices and the External HDD

    To do this it is necessary to remove all USB plugs as well as any external HDD (provided that you’re employing the one) off the Xbox when it is shut off. After you’ve done that you can hold on to the power button couple of seconds and then turn it back on.

    It will be able to boot normally. It is possible to reconnect the USB cables as well as the HDD when it starts up normally.

    Internal faults in the PSU

    If the issue was not caused by any external supply of electricity to the power brick or cable or power brick, then the power supply unit inside might be the culprit.

    The built-in component is an integral part of the console, but it can occasionally overheat and cause problems.

    Although this part can be repaired, it’s an expensive repair that will have to be completed by an experienced technician.


    We hope that this post will help you get rid of your problem that your Xbox One won’t turn on and switch on normally. If the suggestions above failed, you might need to consult an expert. Don’t attempt to open one of the components on your own since you risk damaging the Xbox.

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