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why is my girlfriend hitting me

    Many women will not hesitate to hit their boyfriends. They do it because they know they can. They know they can get away with shooting a man on a woman. This isn’t something that happens very often. Men can be silent about their situation because they have a protected reputation.

    Your relationship with your girlfriend may not suit you without constant arguments. This is particularly true if your girlfriend puts her hands on and smacks around you. It doesn’t matter how often she does; it’s not OK for her to hit your face.

    I’ve read stories of boyfriends being beaten up by girlfriends. This type of abuse comes in many forms. I don’t know how serious this is for you and your girlfriend, but it’s not OK.

    This is also a dangerous situation. You don’t want any girlfriends to be hurt. You may feel you have the right and authority to hit your girlfriend back, but you should not. This could land you in serious trouble. You don’t want to be arrested or have the cops call on you. Cops tend to believe men more when it involves violence. It might be your word against hers, which may not work out in your favour.

    Is it normal for my girl to hit me?

    No, it is not correct. Respect for each other is essential. Violence is a hideous form of behaviour. The person who uses violence against you could do big things in the future. Talk to him, and tell him to stop the bad behaviour. Tell him the consequences of his behaviour will be more severe if they don’t change.

    Why does my girlfriend hit me?

    If your girlfriend does not understand boundaries, has learned abusive behaviours, or is retaliating against something you have done, she might hit you.

    Abuse is never the victim’s fault. Therefore, you shouldn’t be responsible for your partner’s actions.

    There is no reason to hit anyone or try to harm someone else.
    It’s possible to learn from your girlfriend why she might be acting out, especially if it is a way to mend your relationship or end the abuse.

    Is it OK to reply when your girlfriend hits on you?

    How you deal with the situation will ultimately determine the answer to “Is my girlfriend OK if she hits me?” No matter how you react, be aware that mental and physical damage are risks. Hitting your girlfriend could cause bodily injury, conflict, and even imprisonment. There are ways you can deal with an abusive girlfriend without getting into hot water with the police. Is it acceptable for my girlfriend hit me?

    What to do when your girlfriend hits you

    A girlfriend who hits or punches your partner is a sign of trouble and should be treated seriously. There are many ways to deal effectively with an abusive girlfriend. Here are some options to resolve the problem

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