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which group of people did not join the jacobin club

    The Jacobins were the most influential political group throughout the French Revolution. The name Jacobins are derived from the place where they met, the monastic community of the Jacobins situated in Rue Saint-Honore, adjacent to the place of the Assembly.

    Which group of people did not join the jacobin club?

    Jacobin Club Jacobin Club consisted of many categories of people. The participants in the Jacobin Club were mainly people from the lower-income groups of society. However, all were part of this Jacobin club, aside from these individuals.


    The Jacobins were a proponent of individual property rights, but they were more influenced by the middle class than any other group during the French Revolution. Their economic policies were designed to ensure stability and control the cost of living for the working class and the poor. They favoured a market-based approach. However, their people-centric approach led them to adopt an aggressive economic policy.

    The Jacobins were a force for liberty and patriotism in the population of France. As a political power, they were perceived as less self-centred and more patriotic and more accommodating to the French population.

    Who were the members of the Jacobin Club?

    Shopkeepers, artisans, shoemakers, pastry cooks, watch-makers, printers, daily wage workers and servants were members of the Jacobin club.

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