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what score did the simpsons predict

    Are the authors considered time travelers, or are they connected to Nostradamus? The Simpsons The animated comedy is set to air its 33rd Season in 2022. The show always delights viewers with its haunting Simpsons predictions that are true many years later.

    The Simpsons family consists of many characters, but the principal character includes Homer (voiced by Dan Castellaneta), Marge (expressed by Julie Kavner), Lisa (voiced by Yeardley Smith), Bart (voiced by Nancy Cartwright), and Maggie. Each episode features the Simpsons family getting to know the other inhabitants of Springfield, as well as guest stars featured in a few episodes of The Simpsons. What is fascinating to viewers is that certain events were anticipated in the minds of The Simpsons writers at least five years before the event. So, what exactly did The Simpsons predict? It could be possible that The Simpsons predicts world events, or is the entire world simply a follower of The Simpsons script?

    The Simpsons’ Predictions of Real-Life Events

    Suppose you’ve watched America’s longest-running television show on primetime over the past 30 years. In that case, you could be aware that certain aspects of The Simpsons’ plots have finally been implemented in objective reality. However, it’s most well-known for its satirical comedy. However, many of the show’s scenarios have taken place in an astonishingly accurate fashion for the viewers’ enjoyment. For instance, the FIFA corruption scandal of 2015, America’s 2017 Winter Olympics curling victory, and more than 15 other sporting events.

    How did the show’s creators dream of these scenarios without the aid of a time machine?

    “Are we supposed to believe the scriptwriters have special powers?” says statistician Sir David Spiegelhalter, a professor at the Statistical Laboratory at the Center for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge. “These coincidences reflect their creative imagination and luck.”

    Spiegelhalter states that in the show running for this long, predictions that don’t work will likely be over the ones that do.

    Disney purchases 20th Century Fox (Season 10 Episode 5: “When You Dish Upon a Star”)

    An establishing shot towards the end of the show’s celebrity-packed “When You Dish Upon a Star” depicts the 20th Century Fox logo with “A Division of Walt Disney Co.” Below it. Although they’ve been known to mock its parent, they did not anticipate Fox to be sold the company to The Walt Disney Co. in July 2018. Now it’s bringing Homer Simpson and Mickey Mouse into one house.

    Season 16, Episode 6

    In 2005, the episode “Midnight Rx” sees Ned as part of Homer and Grampa’s smuggling expeditions to Canada to buy medicines for his children. Ned encounters his Canadian counterpart and soon discovers they’re different when given the “referring” since it’s legal in Canada.

    Thirteen years later, in 2018, recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada. Although Ned probably won’t be making the trip back to the Simpsons with Apu, Homer, and Grampa, It’s nice to know that he was in the heart of one of the most exciting things that the Simpsons predicted.

    Sixteen occasions The Simpsons predicted the future

    In the course of more than a dozen seasons and more than 700 episodes, The Simpsons have offered around 153,149 jokes, to say nothing of several thousand. Many of these gags have proven successful when they turn out to be entirely (or, at the very least, slightly) prescient. Are The Simpsons genuinely able to look at the future and use it for laughs, or is it all just coincidence? This is the former, duh. (Or is it the case?) We’re betting you’ll be amazed when you scroll and look at what you’ve seen…

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