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what is tesla destination charging

    Tesla has two networks: Supercharger & Destination. Supercharger allows Tesla drivers to fast charge on UK’s major trunk roads.

    Tesla has opened up a limited number of its Superchargers for other brands in 2022. You can search the network filter for ‘Tesla Public Superchargers’ to find these chargers.

    Both networks are accessible for Tesla owners with older models. Teslas bought after January 15, 2017, will need to pay for supercharger points. But each Tesla comes with 400 kWh credits that can be used to charge their vehicles up to Supercharging. This is enough to run approximately 1,000 miles per year.

    Tesla drivers can free-of-charge use destination chargers if they are customers at the locations where these points are located. The Fast Chargers, typically 22kW, are intended to boost the Teslas in a matter of hours.

    Tesla Destination Charging

    The Tesla Destination Charging webpage lists sites across the globe that owners can use to charge their batteries. They also have other amenities like overnight stays, museum experiences, and dining options. These services include charging stations at inns or bed and breakfasts for drivers who need to recharge their batteries before they head out on the road. But these utilities are wider than hotels.

    Destination Charging stations can be found at various entertainment and recreational facilities. You can find recharging outlets in Chicago, including the Wildwood Tavern. It also highlights leisure and sports offerings such as St. Andrews Golf Club.

    But… Isn’t that fuel stealing?

    It is important to remember that the venue doesn’t pay for the Tesla HPWC Unit, only the installation cost (even though Tesla will sometimes exist), so the amount that non-Tesla owners are stealing is minimal and far outweighs the double-shot espresso and smash avo they’ve just enjoyed.

    In terms of power, an Outlander PHEV can cost $3 to charge. But if the owner spends $20 on said smashed apple, the venue still makes a lot of money. Tesla or none. That’s assuming you take up to four hours to get your brunch.

    Tesla Destination Charger Installations. (Tesla Charging Partners).

    Over 10 000 hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, municipalities and restaurants around the globe have recognized the phenomenon. They have also installed what is called Tesla Destination Chargers to help attract customers.
    These units will work the same as those sold to homeowners. But, they are designated public chargers that Tesla lists on their website. (Workplace chargers do not appear).

    Property owners should install these chargers to attract Tesla drivers. Tesla makes it simple for charging partners to establish the chargers.

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