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What Are The Best Free Cross Platform Games?

    Gaming today is among the most enjoyable it has ever seen. Rejoice!!

    With all the technological advances we’ve seen in the last 20 years, games that cross platforms are among the most impressive, along with games’ graphics and others.

    The world has waited for a long time to see big players like Microsoft and Sony become crossplay platforms, and now we’ve got it. Here are our top choices of 15 games that cross platforms.

    Remember that games are being released each day, and updates to games frequently occur – meaning that the most played game ever can be based on, well…the moment! It’s game time!

    What games are cross-platform?

    Cross-platform games provide interactive and engaging digital experiences designed to go beyond the limitations of particular gaming platforms. They allow players to play and play against each other, regardless of what device they are playing on. The games connect different platforms like consoles, PCs and mobile devices, creating a virtual environment where players and gamers can meet and interact.

    Cross-platform games encourage inclusivity and social interactions among gamers by breaking down barriers to physical limitations and creating a unifying gaming community. The innovative gaming method has transformed gaming experiences for multiplayer, enhancing gameplay and allowing players to experience the same game world regardless of their device.

    Here are the top games for cross-platform play.

    Dauntless (Free)

    Dauntless perfectly illustrates seamless cross-platform gameplay, available for play on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Android, and Nintendo Switch. The action-packed game, accessible for free, unites players in a collaborative hunt against massive beasts called “Behemoths.” Compared to Monster Hunter, Dauntless offers different features, making it the perfect experience for experienced players and newcomers.

    Its progression system based on skill encourages genuine experience, not just grinding, providing a rewarding learning curve. Dauntless is a live-streamed platform; Dauntless consistently receives developer interest, providing a continuous supply of content that will keep players searching for players across several platforms. Dauntless is one of the no-cost multi-platform games.

    Hearthstone (Free)

    Exploring the free games available on PC, iOS, Android, and Amazon App Store along with macOS, Hearthstone presents a digital experience in the form of a card game. Although its appeal is evident, the investment needed for success in this highly competitive market is worthy of note.

    Professional advancement requires an enormous expense on cards. However, games with your friends are a great experience for people who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. While competing on the big stage may require dedication, Hearthstone’s crossplay option, accessible across PC, iOS, and Android, will entice anyone interested in cards to participate in the thrilling experience. Hearthstone is among the top games available on all platforms.

    Paladins (Free)

    Paladins is considered one game that crosses platforms, aiming to bring players together on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch. The no-cost fantasy FPS offers a distinct style different from its Overwatch rival. The game features intricately designed champions with unique strengths; Paladins immerses players in an exciting 5v5 shooter experience. While mastering its game might be difficult, the result is an experience similar to cutting into butter.

    The team dynamics are evident as the various classes collaborate to create the battleground. Possibilities include a myriad of well-crafted maps and satisfying audio mechanics. Paladins can be described as a solid rival to Overwatch’s popularity, providing a thrilling experience through its powerful world. Paladins is one of the no-cost games that runs on multiple platforms.

    Dead by Daylight

    Supported platforms include Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

    Dead by Daylight is available to crossplay with Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, which equates to many different platforms.

    Imagine playing a game of Among Us while also playing Phasmophobia. Dead by Daylight is the outcome of this kind of combination. The resurgence of horror as a genre provides an incredible adventure. If you’re looking for the horror genre, there are many thrilling moments, and those that are good will inspire you to leap from your chair. Dead by Daylight is a good example and falls into this category.

    The game has four Survivors and a Killer on this multi-platform cross-platform game. The role of Killer will be assigned only to one player in your game. The only way to survive the Killer is by generating power for the generators or attempting to escape with a few slashes.

    Rogue Company

    Rogue Company is also available for download on iOS and Android.

    Several well-known Twitch streamers endorse the game. Rogue Company is a third-person shooter which pits two teams of four players against one against each other in different objective-based games. It is a fast-paced, strategic gameplay with various maps and scenarios for players to stay fresh.

    Support for cross-progression and crossplay across PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia. You can join forces with other players to enjoy the same content and experience regardless of which device is employed.

    Genshin Impact

    In 2020, Genshin Impact took the world to the streets and soon was one of the most played role-playing games. According to, Genshin Impact, we had over 65 million gamers within the last 30 days, including 1.4 million new registrations simultaneously.

    In a game of this popularity, Genshin Impact supports crossplay across all platforms that it’s available for. It includes PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, and a Nintendo Switch version coming later this year.

    War Thunder

    War Thunder has over 1800 cars to pick from.

    In a game released over 10 years back, War Thunder has maintained its status as one of the most realistic and authentic military simulation games. It covers the air, land, and sea battles from World War II to the contemporary era.

    Crossplay in War Thunder has been around since 2014. It was released on Linux. Now, players can play across PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Mac OS X, and Linux.


    A list of games would only be complete with an online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) title. SMITE is the sole one capable of playing on all PC and console devices.

    The perspective from a third person is what differentiates the video game League of Legends and Dota 2. There are thousands of Gods to pick from and various games that appeal to hardcore and casual gamers alike. SMITE provides a captivating way to enter a genre known for its arduous learning curve.

    Fortnite – Free

    Platforms that are supported: Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S as well as Xbox One.

    Fortnite is among the most popular cross-platform games available today. It is available with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, or Android and has played a significant role in making the game as well-known as it is today.

    With more than 350 million registered players globally, Epic’s battle Royale dominance continues in the realm of most multiplayer shooters. The game is designed towards fun rather than actuality, which is why it’s always enjoyable, due to the regular events it hosts and cross-overs.

    Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 – Free

    The supported platforms include Android, iOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC.

    Although Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War allows players to play across platforms, Warzone 2.0 has the advantage due to its excellent player base and comprehensive range of weapons. The latter has a lot of weapons from the Cold War era, along with a handful of other elements.

    Crossplay can be played across PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series S/X. It is as simple as making an Activision account and sharing that username with other platforms. There’s no better alternative for real-time FPS games that cross platforms.

    Final Fantasy XIV (Paid)

    Final Fantasy XIV, a massive success in cross-platform games, has its moment of glory as the ultimate paid game, which spans the realm of PC, PS4, and PS5. The story unfolds as an epic in scale. The MMO is an excellent rival against the previously unbeatable WoW with the help of surprising contributions from Blizzard’s ranks. Its explosive growth has forced a short-term halt to sales due to the vast number of players joining.

    Although server restrictions persist amid markets for microchips, the lure of embarking on a Final Fantasy XIV journey remains captivating. With abundant new content and expansions, its value-for-money benefits go beyond crossplay. It invites players of all ages to explore its fascinating world.

    Can You Play Among Us Cross-Platform?

    Yes, you can participate in Among Us cross-platform. Since its release, the game has been available for play across PC and mobile (Android or IOS) and various consoles. It is good that players are not limited to one platform, which can be beneficial. Among Us is cross-playable across iOS and PC platforms. This is also true for Xbox or, if you wish to play with the PlayStation.

    Is GTA 5 Cross Platform?

    No. Rockstar Games’ flagship game, Grand Theft Auto, has won accolades and earned a legendary reputation among gamers around the globe. GTA 5 was released in 2015 but isn’t accessible across platforms. Its PC version remains the most well-liked method of play. Although it can be played on PlayStation, it’s not a cross-platform game.

    Does GTA 5 Have Crossplay?

    No. Unfortunately, GTA 5 does not provide crossplay. It is not possible to play against a player who has another device. If you’ve purchased access to the game via Epic Games, you can play the PC version alongside someone else using Steam.

    What are the Best Cross-Platform Multiplayer Games?

    A couple of years ago, selecting between the most current PlayStation and Xbox consoles was more than budgets and personal preference. Players needed to consider the best console for friends, too. This issue was resolved after the launch of cross-platform play that allowed players using various consoles and setups to participate in multiplayer games.

    Here’s our pick of our top cross-platform games to play multiplayer

    • Apex Legends: Apex has consistently captivated players with its tactical gameplay involving strategic decisions and excellent cooperation between team members. No matter what platform you choose, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC can be played across platforms by users.
    • Among Us: No matter how often Among Us appears on our lists, it won’t hinder the unique game experience that it offers across multiple platforms. Seeing this game at the top of each multiplayer gaming list is no surprise.
    • Destiny 2: Another online multiplayer FPS game with amazing graphics and gameplay for a game released in 2017, but also fantastic live support from the developers. Patch fixes and regular updates can be delivered effortlessly. It features a dystopian science fiction setting, with players having the option of playing against the other players(PvP) and the Environment(PvE) in the game itself.

    What are the best free cross-platform games?

    Let’s look at the most popular games that are cross-platform and free.

    Genshin Impact: Boasts many characters in the role-playing action game. Available on IOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation 4 and 5.

    Call of Duty: Warzone is a first-person shooter game featuring the newly popular battle royale mode. Available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, PS4, and PS5.

    Dauntless Dauntless is a free game created by Phoenix Labs in 2019. The game was developed with Unreal Engine 4, making stunning graphics. It is playable on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.


    There’s no distinction between these terms. They’re both referred to as interchangeable’.

    If you’re reading the last paragraph of this piece and are thinking, “what eWhatly is crossplay?” then you need a straightforward and precise definition. Crossplay is a technological feature that allows gamers to communicate with players playing on different platforms. This is a cross-platform game since these two words mean identical things.

    The term “cross-platform” traditionally describes an individual game launching on different platforms. In the case of a game, it may launch and end up on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, But things have evolved, as has the widespread usage of the word.

    This is our review of the most popular crossplay games available on the marketplace today. You’re ready to join your pals and have an enjoyable time!



    Crossplay is a function that allows gamers to play the game together across various platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Nintendo Switch. That means players who play on Xbox can play alongside those playing on PlayStation or PC, for example.


    Yes! Crossplay allows gamers to engage with a bigger audience, which may provide a superior gaming experience as there are more players to interact with. It also lets players play alongside players on other platforms.


    However, there are some limitations. Not all games work with crossplay. You should confirm whether a game you’re looking at is compatible with crossplay before purchasing it because games that do not have crossplay could hinder the gameplay experience.

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