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Vizio TV Turns On By Itself

    If you’re using this Vizio TV, then you will surely be enjoying all it offers, from the cool features, including the crystal clear video output because of the quantum colors and crisp audio quality.

    It’s possible to be stunned to find out that your Vizio TV is off completely for itself. It’s generally recommended to shut down your TV when it is not utilized.

    Why Does My Vizio TV Keep Restarting?

    The Vizio may be resetting itself for many reasons, including issues with the power supply, interference devices, and more. To understand the problem, it is important to first look for more common options to determine the cause of the problem. If you’ve tried all of the suggestions offered in this article but your TV isn’t stopping restarting on its own, it might be time to consult an expert to investigate or fix the problem.

    Check Connected Devices

    The streaming player may be responsible for the issue. The Fire TV Stick and the Roku player may be the culprit. For sure you should remove them from the circuit for an evening or a few days. Then, check whether the issue is still there.

    It is possible to have an issue with the device’s input or cord which could mean you need to change the cable or its input. It is also possible to turn off the HDMI CEC of the Vizio for a couple of minutes to rule out the possibility of a problem.

    Sleep Timer Settings

    You or someone within your household may have set up an internal timer however, they haven’t turned off the timer. Also, the internal setting that is set to CEC or HDMI could allow the TV to turn on without prompting. These are the most common reasons why viewers experience the VIZIO TV being turned on by itself.

    Remote’s Power Button is Stuck

    If your TV is still turning off on its own it is important to take a look at the power button on the remote. It may be damaged or stuck in place. If the remote control is not damaged, the TV may be out of balance for another reason.

    This is one of the most unpleasant events that can occur to anyone who has a TV, and It’s sitting on your couch and watching TV while your TV is on all by yourself.

    Disable CEC Mode

    We’ve previously spoken about the CEC mode that Vizio has on its Smart TV. This feature can also allow other devices to activate and then shut down on the Smart TV by using signals. If other devices are turned on, it may affect the smart features of the TV. In the final, the smart TV may turn off or on by itself.

    It is not possible to remove all devices in the immediate vicinity. But, you can eliminate this issue by disabling the CEC mode of your Vizio Smart TV.

    Power Fluctuations

    Another thing that can cause this issue is power fluctuation. There may be a power outage for some time and if you turn the power back on, the Vizio TV may turn back on. There are two ways to fix the problem.

    In the beginning, check that you aren’t having this issue due to an unconnected wall outlet, or the plug connected in connection with your Vizio TV to the power source. If the plug isn’t secure and moving, each time you connect to the Vizio TV will be turned back on.

    Factory Reset

    Reset your Vizio Smart TV to the factory, go to the System menu, Settings> Reset and Manage. Click Reset the TV to factory defaults. For 10 seconds, you must wait until the device reboots to determine if the issue continues to persist. If you have issues following the reset process and you are experiencing issues, get in touch with Vizio customer service immediately.

    Final Thoughts

    If the screen on your Vizio is on for a large portion of your time it is possible that you are not aware of this problem. If you prefer to set your screen time, but not be active at all times, then a sudden switch-off could be a reason to be concerned. It is possible to resolve the issue with a simple fix that you can try yourself.

    It is necessary to bring your TV to an authorized Vizio Repair Center and they will be able to investigate the problem on your behalf. They will help you to identify the problem effectively and provide the most effective solution to fix the issue at the lowest cost.

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