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Top 10 Things To Do In Ghana

    One of the brightest jewels in West Africa’s crown, Ghana is blessed with idyllic beaches, cosmopolitan cities, and some distance-flung nature reserves full of specific flowers and fauna. It’s furthermore a rustic steeped in rich data, with colonial-technology buying and selling forts alongside the Atlantic coast fame as a testament to the struggle due to the transatlantic slave trade.

    Knowing wherein to start your adventure in such an exciting u.S. Can be hard. Whether you are spending the day wandering the halls of an ancient castle, surfing worldwide-magnificence waves, heading out on a safari, or searching alongside the locals at a well-known marketplace, the stories you could have in Ghana are fine to create memories on the way to ultimate a lifetime.


    This is the capital of the united states and one of the most taking places, modern-day-day and fantastic cities in Ghana. The town consists of two million residents, so you will, in reality, experience the energetic nature of it. Accra has bustling markets alongside thing the records homes of colonial times. We are high quality that you may have a pleasing time within the city exploring Jamestown and exclusive monuments which can be important to it. In Accra, one desire to visit the Makola Market and the National Museum, which are critical to the city’s artwork and way of existence. Additionally, go to the seashores alongside the Labadi and the Coco seashore. Apart from those, there are numerous places to visit in Ghana Accra.

    Kakum National Park

    Ghana is a biodiverse vicinity with some specific species of vegetation and animals and is truly one of the most lovely areas in Ghana. Kakum countrywide park is a place that one desires to transport for touring the rainforests of Ghana. It is stretched over an in-depth part of southern Ghana. One can see buffalos, meerkats, civets, elephants, and several species of birds simultaneously in this region. The Canopy Walkway is a key part of the countrywide park and pulls hundreds of travelers. People should take guided tours to have a complete concept of the region.

    Location: R82, Ghana

    Mole National Park

    This is, however, another countrywide park on our list, and it falls in the northwest part of Ghana. This is the largest herbal global park in Ghana. Tourists can see numerous unique types of animals, including roan antelope, buffalo, elephants, hyenas, leopards, etc. They may also spot lions now and then. The park is domestic to greater than 250 species of birds, which is wonderful for chicken enthusiasts. Try and go to the park at a few levels inside the dry season, which lasts from January to March, to capture the maximum of the animals as they come to drink water. For each reason, it’s far counted the diverse first-rate locations to go to in Ghana.

    Location: Ghana

    Visit the Highest Waterfall in West Africa

    About a four-hour strength from Accra, Wli Waterfall (moreover referred to as Agumatsa Waterfall) is, in reality, a sight to behold. At 262 toes (eighty meters), it’s miles the great waterfall in West Africa, engaging website web page traffic with dramatic views from its less complicated 1. Five-hour hike to the lower falls and a difficult 4-hour hike to the top falls. Go with a guide to find out more approximately the records and lifestyle of Indigenous human beings. While the falls are a top appeal all year long, seasonal rains reason them to even greater super April via October.

    Take in Views from Fort St. Jago

    Across the lagoon from Elmina Castle (St. George’s Castle) lies Fort St. Jago, furthermore called Fort Coenraadsburg, presenting incredible perspectives of the castle and city of Elmina. The first actual European construction erected on this hill turned out to be a church dedicated to St. Jago—the hill became appreciably applied as a gun function by way of manner of the Dutch to bombard and overtake Elmina Castle (now St. George’s) from the Portuguese. Years later, an everlasting fort was built alongside side landward bastions, seaward bastions, and homes that housed 69 soldiers, all surrounded by a notable courtyard. View 19th and 20th-century adjustments to the fortress that show its use as a prison, health center, and resting house.


    This colorful corner of Accra is a bustling fishing port where colonial form meets the bustling street-marketplace environment. This location changed into as soon as a key settlement of Europeans during the slave alternate. The Jamestown lighthouse, which is 92ft tall and built in the Thirties, is the most iconic web page inside the region, and it’s well worth mountain climbing to the top for its lovely perspectives at some stage in the Gulf of Guinea.
    For a chew to devour, prevent it at the Jamestown Cafe, which may be a stylish cafe and bar located in a superbly restored building in the coronary coronary heart of the district.

    If you visit Ghana in August, then make sure to test out the Chale Wote Street Art Festival in James Town. The streets come alive with human beings, music, and the delicious smells of the road food, making it a top-notch possibility to immerse in Ghanaian lifestyles completely.

    Explore Osu

    Osu is Ghana’s shopping and leisure coronary heart, with many roads often referred to as Oxford Street, much like the one in London.

    Hours and hours can be spent in Osu, whether or now not it’s sampling scrumptious meals, browsing the shops, or journeying a number of the critical thing sights. The main net website to appearance is the Osu Castle, from time to time known as Christiansborg, as it was built through the manner of the Danes. Today it’s far a UNESCO World Heritage internet website and offers a critical reminder of Ghana’s slave records. The fortress grew to be, while soon as concerned about the useful resource of the use of the Ghanaian authorities within the put-up-slavery period, till they moved to a trendy place.

    The citadel offers site visitors the possibility to learn about European colonial rule in Ghana as it has become utilized by the Danes, Norwegians, Portuguese, and British throughout the slavery era. Underground are the slave dungeons, similar to the greater famous Cape Coast citadel (greater not his beneath). Security is tight at Osu Castle, and visits are simplest authorized on Fridays between 9 am and 4 pm.

    Hike or motorcycle in Ghana’s Shai Hills

    With its lush greenery, scenic, unspoiled vistas, and rocky mounds for mountaineering, the Shai Hills Resource Reserve offers an extraordinary opportunity to discover Ghana’s herbal services. This fifty-one-square km (32-square-mile) vicinity of forested plains and peaks is understood for its roadside baboons and is a haven for hikers, campers, and mountain bikers. You can test out a trio of bat-stuffed caves, considered sacred by way of Ghana’s Shai humans (remnants of former Shai groups exist in several spots at some point of the reserve), and notice a bevy of even large flora and fauna, collectively with kob antelope, green monkeys, and zebras.


    Kumasi turned into the town that turned out to be the initial capital of Ghana at a few stages inside the lifestyles of the Ashanti state, and it’s also the second largest town within the united states. Bustling with humans and sprawling markets, Kumasi is a delight for vacationers. The area is well-known for its gold jewelry, kente material, and wooden stools. So, folks that like to keep will revel in this region due to the town’s different locations and stores of craft gifts. The Manhiya Palace Museum is an extraordinary location to visit if someone desires to recognize information about the Ashanti Kingdom.

    Busua Beach

    As we said, Ghana is a rustic that is very near the ocean. Busua is a cute seaside where travelers can sunbathe and eat freshly cooked lobster. It is likewise the vicinity where humans can observe surfing and indulge in interesting ocean hobbies. The location is again recognized for the several highly-priced hotels which can be located very near the seaside. You will in no manner flow decrease back disenchanted in case you pick out Busua beach as the vacation excursion spot of Ghana. Strive for the neighborhood cuisine from the nearby eating places and the organizations present beside the seaside.

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