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Top 10 Haunted Hotels in The World

    Because of films such as The Shining and its real-life model and the Stanley Hotel, for some adventurers, there’s something terrifyingly thrilling with the idea of a night the night in one the most haunted hotels in the world. You can look through the numerous discussions on TripAdvisor, which discuss destinations with an eerie history of haunting incidents. For many, like pools or WiFi, paranormal activities are one more must-have.

    Unknown phenomena and ghost sightings are common in the most well-known hotels, including Marilyn Monroe’s appearance at Roosevelt in Hollywood and Civil War soldiers at the Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia. You could encounter a hotel room in other countries with poltergeists from royals and WWII prisoners. Intrigued? These hotels comprise among the most frightening real-life haunted homes you could ever traverse this Halloween if you’re willing to.

    Hotel Chelsea, New York

    The famed Hotel Chelsea has long attracted celebrities’ spirits and artists in life and at the end of their lives. The poet Dylan Thomas died while living at the hotel. Several years later, Nancy Spungen (girlfriend of the Sex Pistols’ Sid Vicious) was brutally stabbed to death inside Room, 100probably at least by Vicious himself. According to legend, many tortured ghosts remain in the famous hotel.


    Famous for its flawless service, The Langham London was Europe’s first “Grand Hotel” and is still a king over The British capital’s West End. The lavish rooms at The Langham London are a dark secret, as The hotel has a reputation as the most haunted of hotels in all of London. The most active ghost in the hotel is thought to be a German prince believed to have died by throwing himself into the windows of the upper storey. Ghostly visitors have observed his body moving around rooms and shut doors, and an abrupt drop in temperatures usually accompanies the ghost.

    Omni Parker House, Boston (1855) Boston, Massachusetts

    The hotel’s name was given in 1884 by Harvey Parker, who remained actively involved in the operation until his passing away in 1884. Since his death, numerous guests have told of Parker enquiring about their stays as a highly dedicated and “spirited” hotel manager. Another interesting fact is that Parker House is the place where Parker House claims the invention of two favourite food items, The Parker House Roll and Boston Cream Pie. The Parker House’s restaurant was the first employment for the celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse from culinary school.

    Castle Hotel Burg Reichenstein – Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

    It is believed that the castle’s owner Rudolf von Habsburg killed the famous highway robber and his sons. Rudolf was known for being a strong ruler in the eleventh century. He put an end to a crime spree led that was led by Deitrich of Hohenfels. Rudolf is believed to have killed Deitrich and left Castle Hotel Burg Reichenstein with the ghost of a headless corpse that haunts the corridors.

    First Hotel – Bangkok, Thailand

    The hotel was destroyed by a fire the hotel during the 80s. The time was when the famed Singaporean musician named Shi Ni was found charred to the point of oblivion in the nightclub of the hotel. The legend says his presence remains felt in the hotel, with reports of flickering TVs and electricity.

    Admiral Fell Inn (1770)

    The Admiral Fell Inn isn’t one’s first choice for ghost stories. Visitors have frequently claimed to have seen floating sailors and disappearing butlers who knocked on their doors. Hotel managers are also reported to have witnessed an unsettling party following the hotel had to be evacuated due to the midst of a storm. It’s not a surprise since the hotel was built in the 1770s when it was boarding and theatre through which immigrants, seamen and “ladies of the night” could traverse.


    It is one of the hotels with the highest haunting rates in Europe. This former 800-year-old castle was turned into a luxurious hotel that appears home to over 100 ghosts. It was a prison between 1536 and 1664. It is believed that ghosts roam the palace’s corridors seeking out the rooms where they were once confined, should you feel the tales.

    Three hauntings are the ones which Dragsholm Castle is most famous for: the Grey Lady, The Earl of Bothwell (a Scottish royal and ex-prisoner), and the white lady. Friendly ghosts have never been believed to be responsible for significant disturbances. Therefore, for anyone who wants to experience the Danish landscape, Dragsholm is the ideal place to go.

    Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta

    The hotel was built in 1888 to promote Western tourism and make money from train tickets; the Chateau Hotel is a beautiful spot in the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park. The Fairmont is a bit more Gothic after you step inside, and this isn’t just talking about the structure. There have been reports of ghosts as frequent visitors, such as the bride’s ghost, who was said to have fallen on the staircase made of stone at the time of her wedding. However, there’s a lesser tragic ghost: Sam, the bellman, who worked in the hotel from 1975 until 1975 and said he’d return to haunt the establishment. It is believed that his spirit pulls shifts helping guests with their bags, and then disappears.

    La Fonda on the Plaza: Santa Fe, New Mexico

    This luxuriously designed hotel in Santa Fe will surely knock you to death. While the present structure, which houses La Fonda on the Plaza, was built in 1922, the location has been used as a courthouse and numerous inns going up to the 16th century. However, not all of La Fonda’s secrets are buried behind. For instance, the hotel is believed to have been the haunted ghost of John P. Slough, an ex-New Mexico chief justice who was murdered and shot dead at the entrance in 1867. Several former guests heard his footsteps as they walked through the evening. Another legend tells that a bride was killed on her wedding night, haunting the Room where she was getting married and the ghost of a successful businessman who fell down the hotel well after gambling the entire sum of his cash away.

    Emily Morgan Hotel

    San Antonio is famous for the Alamo, but Alamo City is also home to one of the world’s most famously haunted hotels, the Emily Morgan Hotel.

    The Gothic revival-style hotel is situated just a few feet from The Alamo and was built upon the site of the barracks of the fort’s main building, in which Texan soldiers fought Mexican forces for 13 days. Nearly 600 soldiers would perish in the struggle against the Alamo. The hotel’s building was designed in 1924 by the architect Ralph Cameron to house the city’s Medical Arts Building, a hospital that housed more than 100 dentists and doctors.

    Visitors visiting the Emily Morgan are frequently impressed by its tough exterior. Its decorative cast iron ornaments, a copper roof adorned with wooden ribs, and a collection of gargoyles depicting diverse medical issues. It was used as a hospital for over fifty years; the structure was converted into a hotel in 1984.

    Crescent Hotel and Spa 1886

    Those who prefer added excitement can go on a nightly ghost tour through this historic Victorian hotel, which claims it is “America’s most ghostly hotel.” Hotel guests staying at the hotel, built in the year 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, which is a member of Historic Hotels of America, can view weird videos as well as learn more about the details of Eureka Springs’ unusual history as well as go on an epic haunting during the Eureka Springs Paranormal Weekend, an interactive, three-day investigation into a paranormal activity that takes place between January and February.

    Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota

    The most stunning historic hotel in Rajasthan, Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan, located in Kota, is an old hotel that dates back 178 years and is once home to the royal family from Rajasthan. The year was 1980 when the hotel was converted into a hotel.

    According to the legend that haunts the hotel are the spirits of Major Burton, a British official who resided there with his family for 13 years before being murdered by Indian sepoys in the mutiny in 1857. According to the reports of sightings from the hotel, The ghosts of Major Burton have been sighted on the streets within the hotel. In addition, it has been claimed that the spirit has been known to slap guards that fall asleep when working at night! According to reports, the princess of Kota has talked to reporters about the experience she had of meeting the ghost of this hotel.

    The Russell Hotel, Australia

    The city of Sydney is known as one of the most at-risk cities for ghosts; it’s not a surprise that a hotel in the city has been credited with paranormal activities. It was constructed in 1796. Russell Hotel was used variously as a hostel for sailors, a hospital for convicts, a bubonic-plague quarantine centre, and an informal brothel.

    The most well-known Russell Hotel ghost is one of the unnamed seamen killed by a sex worker. As a sort of bizarre fateful revenge, the ship’s spirit is believed to haunt room 8… however, only in the case of women who stay in solitude.

    Jekyll Island Club Resort (1887)

    Jekyll Island Club Resort Jekyll Island Club Resort on Jekyll Island, Georgia, has had many families visit and go since its opening in 1887. In the years since, the resort has seen seven ghosts which are believed to be haunting the resort. The story tells of the ghostly bellman, who frequently gives a fresh-pressed suit to the soon-to-be bride-to-be.

    Another tale is about the ghost of an ex-president who strolls along the veranda during sunset. Samuel Spencer, a club member who left this world for mysterious reasons, is among the spirits. He reportedly haunts his rooms in the mornings, drinking coffee and consuming the daily newspaper. A different ghost is a bellman wearing a period dress uniform of the 1920s wearing, a cap and a suit. He has been reported to hand out fresh-pressed wedding suits to the brides. Many brides who did not have the service have contacted hotel personnel concerning this ghostly bellman. A different incident involves the industry entrepreneur J.P. Morgan, a guest in the hotel’s Sans Souci building.

    Mr Morgan was a lover of cigars. The story says you could determine precisely where he was from his smoke trails. To avoid being accused of the pastime he loved and to avoid criticism, he would get up early each morning at 5 am for an early morning smoke outside on the porch. Even though most guests today do not wake up at such early hours to smoke cigarettes, people in the historical Morgan residence swear that they experienced the distinct aroma of smoke drifting around when nobody else was around.

    Hotel Burchianti, Florence, Italy

    Really, what’s that about the sounds of joyful children playing around in halls? The Florence Hotel Burchianti is said to have many sounds, the sight of old ladies knitting and the feeling of cold breath rushing down guests’ faces—weird stuff.

    Elvey Farm, Kent, England

    It is said that the Guinness Book of Records credits Pluckley as being the most haunted town in England. It’s in the area where Elvey Farm is situated. It is said to be frequented by a ghost coach, horses and an apparition of a roadman that was slain in a tree nearby. Expect plenty of thrills and chills at this haunted guesthouse.

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