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Top 10 Business Class Airlines

    Explore AeroTime’s complete guide to the 10 best Business Class airlines.

    If you’re an avid traveller or planning your next extravagant trip, this is your ultimate resource for experiencing unparalleled luxury and comfort on the air. With spacious seats, exquisite meals, unique amenities, and premium entertainment on the plane, The airlines listed here have set high standards to provide a truly luxurious travel experience.

    Follow us to count the steps from 10th place to the sought-after first spot, and reveal the top airlines that can claim their place in this highly coveted list.

    What are the characteristics of the great seat in business class?

    A comfy sleeping surfaceThe first and most important thing is that business class is all about sleeping on a bed. Therefore, a well-lit and comfortable bed is the most crucial element. A large part of this is plenty of room for my feet as some airlines appear to be designing elaborate seats with small spaces.

    Privacy is the ability to maximize it. It’s one thing I am concerned about, even though I’m sure other people do not. If I have the option, I’ll take an area that provides greater privacy than those that don’t. I find it uncomfortable to lie with strangers on the floor; the same is valid for air travel.

    Careful attention to the design — often, I’m left wondering if the designer designing a specific seat for business has experienced business class, as the style doesn’t show great focus on the details. This includes where the buttons are situated and the lighting quality, how good lighting works and how easy to utilize the tray table and much more.

    There are various seating arrangements for different situations — Everybody has a unique reason to travel. Seating arrangements must be flexible based on the type of travel you’re taking, as well as with a friend or your entire family. It’s great to enjoy the luxury of a lot of privacy. But the most exceptional airlines have designed their cabins to allow you to select whether to remain on your own or with someone else.

    Gorgeous finishes: Although the quality of a chair is what I value most, there’s something to be said about an elegant space.

    Individual air nozzles: These are a subject I can only cover a little here because I may be speaking about seats frequented by several airlines. But for all people who have purchased airline products have in mind, air nozzles on their own are a significant benefit regarding the ability to sleep comfortably, given the way that cabins are maintained.

    Qatar Airways QSuite

    Qatar Airways QSuites checks off all the requirements as a fantastic business-class product…and even more! QSuites are more than just an incredible business class option ideal for solo travellers. They’re also among one of the top options in terms of family-friendly travel.

    With QSuites, You’ll enjoy luxurious bedding and amenities of The White Company and BRIC and a fully flat seat with direct aisle access. Excellent catering and unbeatable services.

    Your seat is 21.5 inches in width while 79” in length when you’re in bed. The space is less ample than the Singapore Airlines business class seat; however, Qatar Airways’ bedding will give you the feeling of lying in cloud beds.

    Additional features include sliding doors to provide extra privacy, plenty of storage spaces, and an advanced, technologically-advanced seating area (with Don’t Disturb signage). One of the most excellent features is that the QSuites in the middle of the room can be turned into a four-person cabin when you’re travelling with a group!

    ANA All Nippon Airways

    Business class customers who travel with All Nippon Airways receive priority checking-in and luggage delivery and fast-track security. Priority boarding and three distinct classes of business class cabins throughout the fleet. They all come with large LCD screens in 4K for entertainment on the plane.

    Singapore Airlines

    Singapore Airlines leaves an indelible footprint in the prestigious sphere of business-class travel. Its status as an elite contender can be due to its innovative cabin design, consistently excellent service, and an eye for particulars.

    Singapore’s Business Class boasts some of the most spacious seats on the market and offers plenty of room for leisure or work. They can be converted into a flatbed, guaranteeing comfort during your trip. Storage space is plentiful, and the flexible lighting can enhance passenger enjoyment, creating a cosy enclave under the sky.

    Delta Air Lines

    Delta One stands in place of the standard business class cabins offered by Delta Air Lines. The cabins are available for long-haul travel. These cabins feature flat beds on the floor, Delta Sky Club access before check-in and security, baggage handling and security, and seasonal menu choices.

    American Airlines

    The widebody jets of American come with popular seats in the reverse-herringbone 1-1 layout. The seats are 26 to 27 inches in width and have an armrest that is down and then reclines into an elongated bed which extends around 78 and 79 inches.

    The best place you can find the seat: This is where American Airlines really excels–you’ll find an abridgement of the current reverse-herringbone seats on most of their long-haul aircraft. Some exceptions include Boeing 787s and 777s, which are also equipped with a variant where specific rows face the rear; however, the seating area remains the same. So, in the end, you’ll be able to enjoy the same experience regardless of where you go on a flight.

    Japan Airlines

    Japan Airlines is a superb option to travel around the globe. The Apex Suites are suitable for the 777s; the upgrade to First is an improvement of a minor degree in many aspects! Some other long-haul planes, such as the 789, also have a great reverse herringbone model.

    Service is consistently well provided by one of the finest crews you’ll find at the airport. Japanese food is delicious in comparison to Western choices.


    Do you have a desire to, well, be a dreamer? Then you’ll love the beds with flat sides waiting for your arrival at Lufthansa. What’s a flat mattress precisely? Flatbeds are seat that extends horizontally, allowing users to lie down and move their legs. You can find natural pillows in Business Class and the real (and super fluffy) blanket. Apart from the flatbeds, Lufthansa also offers a comprehensive and delicious menu and more than 100 film and 200 television programs to keep you entertained even when you’re not sleeping.

    Air France

    Air France has fought to make it into the top 10 because of a motive. When they renewed Business Class, they wheeled out Private Pods. It’s the same as an individual room in the aeroplane, but it is more private and has an air-conditioned bed. The guests can enjoy 500 hours of entertainment on the 16-inch HD display as you look through your menu (crafted by a Michelin-starred chef.)

    Turkish Airlines

    When you travel with Turkish Airlines, you will get spoiled Business Class with a gourmet menu. The best part of this carrier isn’t the food as much as the entertainment technology. The beds are flat and are equipped with the ability to massage. You’ll have a great time in this bed, literally and metaphorically!

    Cathay Pacific

    Over the years, Cathay has remained an airline that always provides top-quality service but is very quiet. The outstanding services they provide for long-haul Business classes are among most travellers’ top picks. I don’t remember any time I’ve encountered the path of a rude flight attendant or had a flight request not fulfilled within 15 minutes after asking. Efficiency and service is the main reason why Cathay is unique. Cathay has revamped the First Class lounge they have in Hong Kong.

    Korean Air

    Flawless and impeccable, This product from Korea is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind.

    The new “Prestige Suites” has made their business class much better. The suites are equipped with 17″‘high-resolution touch screens. It is possible to enjoy the latest movies and games in real HD. The rooms themselves are large and provide a complete feeling of luxury.

    Cathay Pacific

    The in-flight services it provides rival many of the most prestigious airlines. It also has good ground service, a great airline popular choice for many people.

    All Nippon Airways

    Being in the top 3 of a list from any country is challenging, but it is more difficult to stay there. ANA has been able to claim another year of being among the top three airlines for business class, proving that their services rank among the top around the globe. All Nippon Airways (ANA) is Japan’s largest airline, proving that being the largest is always the most effective.

    Iran Air

    Iranians have been among the most welcoming individuals we’ve met, helpful and kind. They aren’t wealthy. However, they tried their very best. After they recognized my love of travel, they could give me the most warm and welcoming greeting out of their heart. Iran Air does precisely that to capture my heart. I cannot express enough my gratitude for the time I spent travelling on their B747 iconic aircraft repeatedly!

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