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The Power of The Sun in The Palm of My Hand

    In the palm of My Hand, the Power of the Sun is a famous quote from The actor Doctor Octopus from the 2004 superhero film Spider-Man 2. It was initially a popular meme caption; the section became part of the Raimiposting subculture on 4chan before it gained traction in the form of an image-based macro on the /r/raimimemes subreddit and other subreddits.

    What is the Meme Generator?

    It’s a completely free online photo maker that allows you to create custom resizable text images and other templates. The generator is often used to alter memes they have already started, such as those available in Imgflip’s library of Meme Templates. But, you can also make your templates or begin with blank templates.


    On June 30 in 2004, the superhero movie Spider-Man 2 premiered in cinemas[1]. In one scene where The character of Doctor Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus) is seen demonstrating a fusion reactor. He is handling the core of the reactor aid of robotic appendages, noting that “he has the power of the sun in the palm of his hand.”


    Certain memes in this family rely on Dr. Octopus’s famous quote to describe everyday circumstances where one might briefly experience a sensation of strength. In this case, it is the event’s story, and the movie’s quotes are superimposed onto the close-up image of Dr. Octopus’s face.

    Another variant of the meme ties the quote to scenes in which people seem to hold things that look like the sun or hot in their hands, ranging from glowing balls in real life to radiators to bottles Sunny D. Sunny D.


    Before 2016, the phrase was often used as a caption for memes in which a variety of people seemed to have scorching objects, or similar to suns, within their palms. On April 24 in 2008, an unidentified ICanHazCheezburger user posted a picture of a cat embracing an electric radiator, accompanied by the caption (shown below, upper left) that was among the first instances of using quotes in memes. From 2008 to 2016, memes with the quote surfaced across Cheezburger, Memecenter, Facebook, Reddit, and other websites.

    Power from the sun. Sun in the palm of the in-hand ICANHASCHEE2EURGER Dragon Li American Shorthair Bengal cat Toyger European shorthair California Spangled Tabby cat Mammal Small-medium-sized cat Felidae whiskers caption European shorthair Dragon Li Domestic short-haired cat, Carnivore Tabby Cat Internet meme Asian California Spangled Bengal The sun’s power, in my Hand! Photo caption
    The POWER OF THE SUN in the palm of my Hand BITCH. Please Anime Cartoon Photo caption THE POWER OF THE SUN IN THE HANDS OF MY HANDS Dr. Otto the Octavius Musical instrument.

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