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Searching on Gmail and Google Chat is Getting Better

    Using Gmail and Google Chat, you probably use the search function regularly to go through your older chat logs or emails. It’s set to improve due to recent updates made public by Google.

    The updates, accessible on mobile and desktop, include two new features within Gmail. One feature lets you look up emails within the boundaries of a particular Gmail label, so you can sort your results and discover what you’re searching for faster. The second option will display “related” results if Gmail cannot locate a particular email that matches the search phrase you typed in.

    The next update is to Gmail labels, which allows users to narrow their search to a specific Gmail label in the application. The update, Google says on its Workspace Updates blog, will only show results for tags located inside the particular brand. Naturally, it could also be achieved by choosing an option to search within the Gmail application’s search bar.

    Finally, Gmail on the web has been upgraded to a minor enhancement that will show results related to the event that the query you typed does not return any specific results. The fuzzy results have allowed people to get what they want in different situations and should aid in this case.

    Google offers suggestions for search on Google Chat is currently available on Android devices, and iOS devices will be getting it by the end of this month. Google’s latest features are accessible right now. The best part is that it doesn’t need to sign up for a Google Workspace account to use these valuable tools since all Google accounts are receiving them.

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