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Post Long Video On Instagram Story Android?

    Snapchat’s Stories feature heavily influenced the Instagram Stories feature; however, it has since come to establish a distinct identity that is its own. Stories are an excellent way to share short videos or images that disappear within 24 hours for those who aren’t familiar. This is useful if you have a motif running through the background of your Instagram profile that you’d prefer to not disturb with posts that aren’t related to it.

    The disadvantage of Stories is that they have limitations on the maximum amount of time per Story and, therefore, should you want to post an image that is longer than 15 seconds, you’re not allowed to do so. But, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult, and this tutorial will show you how to share longer videos on Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories.

    How to share feeds to Instagram Stories.

    Tap the button for a paper aeroplane below this post (like you would do to send an email directly)

    An option in the following menu says, “Create a story with this post.”

    Tap it to view the feed as a sticker on a custom background that you can add to your story. The user can drag, resize, or rotate the image or video. Additionally, you can use drawing tools or even put stickers and text on the photo.

    Every post shared in the story will contain a link to the original article and include the original poster’s username.

    Only posts posted by public Instagram accounts can be uploaded to stories. If you own an account with a public profile and want to share your content with stories, you can opt out in Instagram’s settings.

    How to Post Long Videos on Instagram on Android:

    Install and download Story Cutter for Instagram from Google Play Store.

    Start Story Cutter on your Android phone, and then tap “Gallery”, then a list of videos will show.

    Then, tap the video you wish to publish on Instagram and select “10 sec” or “15 sec – Full Version” from the pop-up window.

    Click “Select”, and the app will break the video into either ten or 15-second segments. Then, tap “VIEW STORY” when the video processing has finished.

    Then, open Instagram on your Android and add the videos to an ongoing post on your feed.

    Using A Third-Party App

    It is possible to use an app from a third party to reduce the length of your videos. This is a faster and more efficient method. There are many apps that you can use to achieve this, and we’ve provided a list below:

    Long Story for IG (iOS)

    1. Launch Long Story on IG and select the length of video you would like for each of your videos to run.

    2. Tap Select video, then select the one you’d like to trim

    3. Tap Choose

    4. Then next, tap Split and Save, and the video will begin the process of splitting.

    5. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to share your photos on Instagram Stories.

    Share A Live Video

    If you’re not looking to install any application for or off your iPhone or Android device, there’s an alternative method. Instead of recording a short video and posting it on an Instagram post or a post on Facebook, you can create live videos. This way, you can upload videos lasting up to 1 hour. Since Live video uploads were previously infrequent, Instagram allows replays to your followers for up to 24 days after you’ve completed the recording process. In this way, the Live Video may wind up playing similar to Instagram’s Story.

    Video Splitter (Android)

    1. Start the application.

    2. Tap Split Video and select the video you wish to reduce.

    3. Choose Custom Split, and use the slider to set the duration to 15 minutes.

    4. Click the Check button in the upper right-hand corner. Your video will be cut and split.

    5. The split videos can be seen in your phone’s gallery.

    Your Instagram Story is too Long.

    Have more than 60 seconds’ worth of ideas to talk about? Find a way to get around limits on Instagram Stories: Instagram Story limit with this trick:

    Step 1. Download a video editor program such as CutStory on Instagram.

    Step 2. Make your video on your smartphone.

    Step 3. Start the video on the application by dragging it from the camera roll, and split your video into 15-second segments.

    Step 4: Step 4: Open Instagram Stories and select the videos in your camera roll. You can then upload them one at a time.

    Best Practices for Instagram Story Videos

    *) Use location tags and relevant hashtags to increase your visibility.

    *> Don’t post too many Instagram Stories per day. It can overwhelm your audience.

    Always keep at minimum one Story on every day. It keeps your profile top of the list of users’ Stories feeds.

    Story Cutter (Android)

    The Android equivalent of uploading long videos to Instagram Stories by breaking the videos into appropriate sizes. You can either create a video or select one from the gallery when you install the application. Once you’ve finished, you can divide the video into the length you want. At present, the free version can only be up to 10 seconds. After adding an initial video to your profile, press long on your profile image to add it to your story faster.

    How do I post a 3-minute video or more on Instagram?

    If you’re looking to upload videos that are more than three minutes on Instagram, the best method is to use IGTV. Although there’s a separate application to use IGTV, it is possible to upload videos ideally using the Instagram app.

    Here’s how you can upload a video to IGTV via the Instagram application:

    Start Instagram. Open the Instagram app.

    Click the magnifying glass located at the lower right on the screen.

    Click the IGTV button located at the top left of the display.

    Click + in the upper-right on display.

    Select the video that you would like to upload.

    Press Next.

    Select your cover photo from the video, or create a new cover image for your Camera Roll.

    Press Next.

    Input details about the name, title as well as additional information.

    Press Post.

    You can also include an IGTV link in your IGTV video, as discussed in a previous piece.

    Wrapping Up

    Once you know the distinctions between Instagram video options and features, you’re ready to upload your video to Instagram.

    Do not forget to sign up for a free account with InVideo to try out the many template templates, making it simple to make videos for Instagram.

    If you’re curious about how Instagram can benefit your company and how you can use it to your advantage, take a look at our guide. If you have more questions, join our group to meet and gain knowledge from 25K fellow creators and marketers.

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