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Minor Hood Damage? Replacing Is Easy!

    There are many events that can inflict damage on the hood of your car — an accident, a falling object, or an obstacle in the road are just a few. Unfortunately, hood damage is often difficult to conceal, but luckily, it’s easy to repair. Replacing the hood of your car is simple, and you can likely get it done in as little as 15 minutes if you’re proficient in DIY upgrades — and if you have a friend to provide a helping hand. Check out these options for fixing minor hood damage with a replacement hood.

    Boost Performance With an Air Hood

    When you’re shopping for a replacement hood for your car, you’ll find that one of the most popular options is the 3rd Gen Firebird Ram Air Hood. This hood is unique because it improves the overall airflow that your car receives. This, in turn, offers a boost to its power and engine performance. Air hoods draw hot air out of the car’s engine and allow your engine to cool more quickly by doing so. A cooler engine is a more efficient engine, and the radiator’s performance is thus optimized, too.

    The aforementioned Ram Air Hood is specially designed to fit the third generation of the iconic Pontiac Firebird. This model was introduced in 1981, and it’s gained classic car status in recent years. Installing a replacement air hood on this car can supercharge its power. Add a new performance transmission under that hood, and it’s ready for any race or road you may encounter.

    It’s important to make sure that the air hood you choose is compatible with your car. Most cars do not come with air hoods from the manufacturer, so you’ll need to buy one from a trusted original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or original equipment replacement (OER) retailer. Hoods from these manufacturers are not made by your car’s maker, but they are designed to offer a customized fit to each individual car model they’re made for.

    Consider Installing a Cowl Hood

    Air hoods can offer superior airflow and supercharged performance, but there’s another option that comes with plenty of benefits, too. A cowl hood is designed to facilitate engine cooling and increase the horsepower of your vehicle, too. It accomplishes this with an induction system that forces air into the system and releases the pressurized air into the engine chamber. This cools the engine, allows it to perform more efficiently, and improves its power.

    Some vehicles — especially older trucks — come from the factory with cowl hoods. If you need to replace yours or fix minor damage by installing a new hood, there are plenty of high-quality OEM and OER options. You can find a Chevy cowl hood, for example, that’s designed for your specific model and then install it yourself. With a matching paint job, nobody will be able to tell it’s a replacement.

    Fix minor hood damage easily when you find the best replacement hoods, performance transmissions, and car accessories from a trusted auto retailer.

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