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Is Procreate Free On iPad?

    If you’re an artist or someone who wants to be an artist, you could be familiar with Procreate, The most popular digital art studio software available for iPad.

    However, is Procreate available for free for iPad?

    The answer, unfortunately, is not yes.

    Procreate is a paid application which is costing $9.99 on the App Store.

    Even with the expense, many artists believe Procreate is worth investing in.

    The vast selection of brushes with advanced layer systems, as well as the speedy Valkyrie graphic engine Procreate, provides everything that you require to draw expressive drawings, beautiful paintings, stunning illustrations and stunning animations.

    In addition, the integration of its compatibility with Apple Pencil and other styluses makes it an absolute favourite for digital artists.

    In this post, we’ll look at the capabilities of Procreate and what Procreate is worth considering when you are working on digital art creations, even if it’s not for free.

    What exactly is Procreate, and what are its main functions?

    Procreate is an extremely acclaimed digital drawing program designed for iOS devices, including the iPad. Procreate has gained a repute as an incredibly versatile and effective creativity tool. It has become popular among illustrators, artists and even designers. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and wide array of options, Procreate allows users to explore their creative potential with the iPad.

    Procreate’s key features include an extensive selection of custom brushes. These include simple and more advanced choices. The brushes allow artists to create complex and intricate artworks with ease. Procreate supports blending modes as well, which allows users to mix textures and colours easily. Furthermore, Procreate is optimized for the 5th and 4th generation iPads. This ensures the smoothest and most responsive experience dealing with complex projects. When you’re painting, drawing or working on complicated digital art creations, Procreate offers a comprehensive collection of features and tools that will bring your ideas into reality on the iPad.

    Which iPad Should I Buy for Procreate?

    If you are considering the best iPad to purchase for Procreate, you should ask you several inquiries.

    What amount of storage do you require?

    Do you need a bigger screen, or does it not have any significance to you?

    Are you planning to use the iPad to do other things apart from Procreate?

    In the process of switching from the sixth-generation iPad and upgrading to an iPad Pro, I had several things in mind. First, I was looking for a more spacious 12.9-inch screen. Wow, it’s beautiful!

    I also needed more storage. My sixth-generation iPad included 32GB of memory and was becoming a bit cramped. I’m getting the iPad Pro with 256 GB of storage, which has given me more space to expand.

    Also, I decided that I would like to begin using my iPad to do other activities, such as writing notes, reading, streaming, etc. With the 32GB storage in my previous iPad, I didn’t have the capacity to use it to do much. The increase in storage could have been a game changer.

    Then, the battery in my older iPad began to degrade. I was in need of an overhaul of my battery.

    It is important to contemplate what you’d like to do with your iPad and what you want from it. Be aware of the limitations and possibilities. Make sure you are realistic about your requirements and budget.

    Although Procreate is a great app for an iPad Pro, you may pick a different solution based on your specific needs. Do not lose sight of what you require.

    Is Procreate on iPad a One-Time Fee?

    Procreate for the tablet computer is only a once-buy. It is available via the App Store for a predetermined cost of $12.99 with no monthly subscription costs. The app grants unlimited access to capabilities, updates and other tools.

    Does Procreate Have Monthly Fees?

    Yes, Procreate is not free and doesn’t offer an annual fee or any purchase in-app on iPad. Procreate is a once-only purchase.


    Below are additional questions on the Procreate program for no cost and legal.

    What is the cost of Procreate?

    Procreate can be purchased for the cost of a single purchase, $12.99, while Procreate Pocket can be purchased for only $5.99. Both applications give users full access to the apps and are available offline after they have been purchased and downloaded to your device.

    Procreate 2022: How do I get it at no cost?

    There’s no option to obtain it at no cost. The app doesn’t offer either a trial version for free or a free trial, so the only method to utilize it is to buy and then download it to an Apple device. However, it’s worth it, believe me.

    Is Procreate Pocket free?

    No. The cost for purchasing Procreate Pocket is $5.99 and can be downloaded on the majority of Apple iPhones.

    Do you think downloading Procreate on a free basis is risky?

    Yes. There may be YouTube videos or other links which encourage users to click an icon to download an app absolutely free. They could inflict viruses or result in damage to the device or network.

    Final Thoughts

    The process of searching for and downloading gratis versions of paid apps can be extremely risky for the security of your online account, and you could also be at risk of viruses getting onto your computer. It is, therefore, essential to do your homework prior to stepping into the dark, dark realm of illegal downloads.

    I hope this post could prevent a few of your readers from suffering any unpleasant criticism that can be triggered by trying to access Procreate for free. Procreate app at no cost. While you can’t get this application for free, I would highly suggest investing just a few dollars and buying Procreate from the Apple App Store. You aren’t going to regret buying it.

    Have you ever attempted to download a trial Procreate version? Please leave your feedback below so we can benefit from each others’ research or errors.

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