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How to Watch Videos While on Call

    Anyone using Android is likely to have MX Player installed on their phones. Do you know what to do with Video on MX Player during a call?

    In the past, various other Video Player apps have been released. However, the MX Player has always been the most popular choice for playing Videos on Android devices. It’s an absolute must-install and highly recommended by experts from all over the world. Have you tried to watch a movie while you’re on the phone? That’s probably why I’m writing this blog post. In this article, I will show you how to play video in MX Player during the call.

    How Can I Watch A Video While On A Phone Call?

    In the beginning, you’ll be required to connect earphones and AirPods to your mobile or turn on the speaker so you can hear the conversation.

    After that, you can quit the call screen and return to it at any time by simply clicking it on the list of notifications.

    Streaming a video once you have closed the Youtube app is attainable if you have either an Android or iPhone or an iPhone.

    There are various options to accomplish this across different platforms and platforms. Let’s get started by using Android smartphones and tablets!

    Use Desktop Mode on Android

    A simple way to allow YouTube to play in the background is by using YouTube on your Desktop—YouTube in the Chrome browser. How to do this is explained below.

    Open Chrome and enter to find the mobile version of YouTube.

    Typing an m in front of the YouTube URL,, ensures you stay within the browser to access YouTube. It is essential to remain in the browser; do not switch to YouTube’s app. YouTube application if you wish for YouTube to be playing in the background.

    Find the video that you’d like to watch. After you’ve located the video, click three dots on the screen’s upper-right corner and choose Desktop.

    Press the start button when the website is refreshed to begin playing the video. Change apps or set your computer in silence, and then the video will end.

    Scroll down until you reach the control centre. You will then you will find the video within the settings. Click play.

    loading a desktop website and playing videos with a pull-down shade
    Shut off your computer or change to another application, and YouTube will play on.

    By using third-party software

    Additionally, you can use third-party software to play videos during a conversation. Here’s how:

    1. Visit the Google Play Store to download any app that streams. We’ve used MX Player, for example.
    2. Open the app and go to Settings
    3. Tap on Player.
    4. Select Background Play.
    5. Be sure that the Call option is turned on.
    6. After that, you can open the movie you wish to view.

    The video will play on the MX Player application, with calling in the background.

    How to utilize YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode for Android

    This is an unintentional scam since it’s not an application at all. Since Android 8.0 Oreo, Android has enabled the “picture-in-picture mode” feature, which will automatically open a miniscule display when you go off of YouTube. This window can be dragged across the screen, then tap to expand it or gain access to playback controls.

    The feature was initially available only to premium subscribers. However, in 2018, Google started offering picture-in-picture on YouTube for non-subscribers, provided you’re within the United States. It’s only available for content that is designated as music, which means it’s still necessary to pay for it.

    In the case of most Android phones, knowing what version you’re running is quite simple. Go to Settings > About phone and then Android version. It’s recommended to have Android 8.0 Oreo for this option, and as Oreo is five years old and outdated, you probably own a smartphone running this feature or a newer version.

    For iOS users

    Apart from Android or Windows Phone users, iOS users can use many options to watch videos in the background.

    BEST Method :

    This tweak is a Jailbreak to iOS 7. It allows the device to stream YouTube videos directly in the background via YouTube’s YouTube app. YouTube application. The steps below will help you implement this tweak.

    Open Cydia
    Search YouTubed (by BigBoss) (This is generally a default source, but if you don’t have this as a source, you can add the BigBoss repo URL again by going to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add >
    Download and Install it.
    After the installation process is completed, open the official YouTube application on your iOS device. Select the video you wish to play in the background. It will play as usual, then press on the Home button. The music from the selected YouTube video will continue to play just like it does in normal mode and can be controlled from the Control Centre. Control Centre (Note: You can only play and pause).

    Can you watch videos on your phone?

    These are some of the things that you might need to be aware of that you are doing in the call: Watch music or videos. Even when you use a speakerphone, the person on the line won’t be able to hear the audio (we tried the issue). Audio fades out to a lower level, making listening to the person on the other side possible.

    What can I do to play two videos using Android simultaneously?

    Launch the app you selected as the primary audio device using Sound Assistant. When the splitless mode is enabled, choose the first, then select the second to playback the video. Start the first video and then switch to the next. Every audio track should be directed towards a different source for the two videos.

    Can you watch videos while talking via your iPhone?

    Did you know that the iPhone can simultaneously play audio conversations or apps like YouTube? When you are listening to another audio, your call is not muted. Enjoying music, watching an upcoming film, or watching a podcast as you listen to the conversation is possible.

    Does the video stop if I open a different app on the phone?

    The video will play even when switching to a different app. But it will stop when you move away from the video display.

    Are there videos I can play when I am on a conference call? Bluetooth headphones?

    Yes, you can watch videos on an audio call with Bluetooth headphones. Audio will be transmitted through your headphones, which allows the user to experience a seamless and smooth audio experience.

    Are videos playable during a conversation on the phone?

    You can indeed stream videos when you are on call via speakers. But remember that the quality of your audio may be affected by the speakers.

    If the Workarounds Fail: Subscribe or Download

    The workarounds you use to allow YouTube to continue playing in the background may disappear anytime while YouTube discovers how to end the loop. If you’re dependent upon this, you’ll need to be a subscriber to YouTube’s service.

    YouTube has two subscription plans available. YouTube Premium (previously called Red) lets you stream videos in the background. The service also provides access to original video content at $11.99 per month. YouTube Music is an audio streaming service which allows YouTube videos to play in the background. $9.99 each month.

    A better option is to download YouTube videos onto your device. This will eliminate the YouTube application.

    The Final Takeaway

    Smartphones and tablets of today enable you to multitask as professionals. We’ve been conditioned to be adept at multitasking with our mobile devices!

    However, watching a video on a phone call or doing other work is challenging as the gadget usually suspends the video whenever we use a different function.

    There are a variety of options to block your phone from doing this.

    Three options to try include:

    Utilizing the desktop version of the website,
    By using third-party apps
    by using the Picture-inPicture mode.

    If you follow each of the suggestions in the article above, you’ll be able to enjoy videos even while making a call in a flash. Have fun multitasking!

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