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How To Watch Recently Watched Videos On Facebook

    You’ve recently viewed the video you saw on Facebook as you scrolled through your timeline. You discarded it, not saving the clip, believing it was not worth saving. After a couple of days, you realized the video was essential and began searching for it using your timeline and searching on the web. No, however hard you searched, you could not locate the most recently viewed videos on Facebook.

    It’s a frequent issue within Facebook. It is a common issue in the Facebook community. There is an option to see your history of watching videos on Facebook. You can find it under the Activity log on your profile on Facebook. This is a quick guide to finding recent videos you’ve watched on Facebook desktops, apps, or mobile. You can revisit it or even give it to family and friends.

    Why You Need to Find Your Recently Watched Facebook Videos

    You should check the history of your videos on Facebook for various reasons.

    A few of them include:

    • For regaining valuable details that might have slipped away from your view when you first watched it.
    • The desire to share your video with friends on Facebook.
    • The video was entertaining. You gained something in it the first time you watched it and want to revisit it.
    • Downloading the video first and keeping it in your files is necessary.

    How to Find Recently Viewed Videos on Facebook Desktop

    It’s relatively easy to discover recently viewed videos on Facebook. If you’ve scrolled down your timeline on Facebook and come across some interesting videos, they will be saved even if you need to remember the person who produced the video. Follow these easy steps:

    • You can open Facebook using the web browser of your Mac or PC
    • Log into your Facebook account
    • Select the horizontal three dots symbol (the menu icon ) on the right-hand side of your display under your profile photo).
    • Click Activity Log from the dropdown menu.
    • You can click on the videos you have watched on the Activity Log page. There is a list of all Facebook videos arranged in reverse chronological order.
    • Could you select a video and go back and watch it?

    How to View Recently Watched Videos on Facebook on a PC

    Facebook is full of video content that is interesting to provide to its users. The latest videos are displayed on your feed each day. If you are a fan of a particular video you see on Facebook and wish to see it later on, you can add it to your saved videos. But what happens if you view a video via Facebook and then forget to keep the tape? After refreshing your Facebook feed, searching for something else can be quite a problem.

    However, this doesn’t mean the movie you watched was gone perpetually. Each video you’ve watched recently (even during the last few months) can be saved to your profile’s “Videos you’ve watched” section. This feature is handy when you need help finding the person who shared the video. Additionally, it helps you save a significant amount of time and effort you’d generally be searching for.

    If you’d like to see the most recent video content on Facebook, Here’s how to accomplish it on a computer.

    • Check out Facebook in your browser of choice.
    • Log into the page on Facebook you’ve made.
    • Visit your profile picture at the top right corner.
    • Click three dots just below that Edit Profile button.
    • Select Activity Log.
    • Choose Logged actions and other options in the sidebar on the left.
    • Go to the videos that you’ve seen.
    • The videos you’ve seen will appear in the list. Also, you can see precisely the time you watched it.
    • At this point, you can choose to remove a particular video from the playlist. To do that, do these steps:
    • Ensure you click on the three dots on the video’s right side.
    • Choose Delete.
    • Clean the entire watch history using the option at the top-right part of the display.

    Another option similar like “Videos you’ve watched” on Facebook is “Videos you’ve searched for,” which can be found below the first choice to the left of the sidebar.

    Follow these straightforward steps if you’d like access to the latest viewed videos via Facebook, the Facebook app, or Facebook mobile on your phone or tablet, such as iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

    Find Recently Watched Videos on Facebook App

    Ensure you have the most up-to-date Facebook application installed on your device. Also, ensure that you’re already signed in. Next, follow these steps to browse the most recently watched videos in the Facebook application or on mobile devices:

    • Install the Facebook app on your device on the go.
    • Click the triple bar icon in the menu and then click on”View” your profile. The Facebook application lets you view your profile.
    • Click on Activity Log.
    • You can click the Category dropdown menu on the upper left of the screen.
    • Scroll down until you see the videos you’ve watched, then click on it.
      You can now check out your recent videos in the Facebook app.

    If you’re struggling to locate an exact video within the history of your watched videos If you’re having trouble finding a specific video, use the search bar located near the bottom of the log page to look up terms that are related to the video, for example, the description or title. It can narrow results, making locating the specific video you seek simpler.


    It’s a pain to discover the videos you’ve recently seen on Facebook even though you only watched it a just a few minutes in the past.

    This article provides step-by-step instructions on streaming the most recent video clips on Facebook.

    We created it to help you get yourself out of the shackles.

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