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How to Use Zoom on Android Phone Without App

    Zoom has now become an essential option for people working from home, taking classes online, and holding virtual meetings. Although Zoom’s application has all of the functions you require, there will be times when it is beneficial to use Zoom without downloading the application on the phone. Android Phone.

    If you’re beginning to learn about Zoom, making an account and becoming familiar with its basic settings and features should be your priorities. This guide is meant to benefit you. This guide will explain what to do to configure Zoomto configure Zoom, what parameters you need to adjust before adjusting them, and what functions you should be aware of. Let’s get started.

    What is the accurate way to begin a Zoom meeting

    In the beginning, you must create a Zoom account. You can set one up by clicking here. The meeting can’t begin with this account, but colleagues don’t have to be logged in for them to join (more details below).

    In the next phase, you’ll likely need to get the Zoom application. There is a way to utilize Zoom without having it downloaded; however, if you want to avoid many hassles, we suggest installing the app.

    After that, you can open it on your mobile or laptop and then select ‘New Meeting’ to initiate a conference. If you’d like to set up to meet soon, there’s a link to do that, too. It’s a button located on the first page of the application.

    How to Use Zoom on Android Phone Without the App

    There’s good news: Zoom allows you to join meetings using your Android phone’s Browser on the web without using Zoom’s app. This tutorial covers three different methods of joining meetings.

    Join via the Meeting Link

    Click on the email or text message with invitation to the Zoom conference invitation.
    Hit the link for the meeting that is included in the invite.
    Your default web browser will be open. Click on the 3-dot icon.
    Choose a Desktop website.
    It will prompt you to launch the Zoom application (if it’s installed) or connect with the Browser. Click the choice to join with your Browser.
    It is possible to permit Zoom access to the camera and microphone. You must grant the appropriate permissions.
    Please input your name exactly as you would like it to appear at the conference.
    Tap Join to start the Zoom meeting.

    How do I be a part of the Zoom meeting via phone, but without dialing in info

    If you can’t locate an email with a dial-in number, you’re at a disadvantage (as long as you have the name of the person who is meeting).

    For more information, dial +1-646-568-7788 (it’s a U.S. number).

    Enter your meeting’s ID and a # (pound) number if it prompts. (It could also ask for an access code if there’s one set for the meeting.)

    When the hosts are present, you’ll get into the room automatically. If not, you’ll be asked to hold the # button to wait on it.

    How do you host a meeting via Zoom?

    Once you’ve downloaded the Zoom app on the device of your choice, you’ll have to learn how to set up the Zoom conference.

    Register to access your account. When you’re logged in, you’ll have the choice to set up meetings. Just click on”Schedule a New Meeting” or the “Schedule a New Meeting” button, then choose when the meeting will be held, who should attend, and other options.

    After you’ve set it up, Zoom will give you access to participants’ logins and the capability to log in through the app or their mobile phones.

    It’s interesting to note that Zoom is also equipped with the ability to sign in quickly for mobile users. If a participant in your conference doesn’t already have Zoom or Zoom Connect, they’ll be able to contact the Zoom number, and Zoom will sign the person in after entering the meeting’s ID as well as additional information without delays.

    How do I join a meeting using the Zoom URL on Android?

    Click the link for a meeting in the invite to meet via email or on the calendar you received.

    The app will show a window, awaiting the host to open the discussion.

    The small screen may inform you of your access rights to your phone’s camera and microphone. Tap Got It.

    The small screen may ask if you want to permit Zoom to capture audio. Select Deny or Accept.

    A Video Preview is displayed. If you would like a preview of your video displayed every time you start a Zoom meeting, the slider can be moved towards the bottom of the page.

    Select Join with Video or Join with Video.

    How can I manage my camera settings before attending the Zoom session?

    If you wish to warrant that you have turned off your video before attending the Zoom meeting, click on the More icon on the Zoom application’s right-bottom. After you’ve accessed the meeting Settings, please scroll to the section for video, after which you can toggle the Turn off My Video button.

    If the judge has asked that the video be played by default, you can view a preview of the video after choosing “Join Meeting.” This lets you view the current video and decide whether you want to attend the meeting without or with the video. Click Join using Video. You’ll need to bring your video if you’re in the courtroom.

    The host’s settings can change your audio and video preferences.

    Compatible browsers

    The most modern browsers work with Zoom. The Zoom app can join a meeting using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Opera. Sometimes, you might need an extra step to allow the browser access to your microphone and camera. However, beyond this, the procedure remains precisely the same.

    How to End a Zoom Meeting on Android

    Stopping the Zoom meeting is fairly simple, regardless of whether you’re hosting it or participating in another’s meeting. If you’re hosting the meeting, you have two options when you press the Stop Meeting button at the lower right-hand corner of the screen: The meeting will end for everyone, or you can leave it.

    The primary choice will remove all conference attendees, whereas the second opportunity allows everyone else to stay even if you go away.

    If you’re not hosting the meeting and instead are an invitee to another’s Zoom meeting, you’ll be presented with the second feature, Leave the meeting. As you’re not the host, it isn’t your authority to terminate the meeting in favour of everyone else.


    The Zoom web app is a powerful tool; however, it isn’t equipped with the capabilities of desktop apps. It is not possible to schedule meetings using the web app. You can’t connect your monitor or move between different devices while in a meeting established or joined through the internet. They may appear to be tiny, niche applications; however, they are widely employed and can be found with the paid edition of Zoom. If you’re using Zoom frequently, it’s desirable to download the desktop version of Zoom instead of going with the version on the internet.

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