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how to use format painter

Themes are a fantastic method to help PowerPoint presentations or Word documents look attractive; however, sometimes, you’ll need to include specific designs in work. Customizing your formatting can be time-consuming, but it’s especially so if you’re doing lots of it. For example, consider the following PowerPoint slide. Let’s say you’ve put an outline around the image to the left, and now you’d like to apply the same effect to the image on the right corner.

It is possible to try and keep track of all the steps and then apply the effects to the following image. Or, you can save time by using Format Painter. Format Painter. This Format Painter is an option within Word and PowerPoint that allows you to take formatting information from one image and then apply it to another. Imagine this as copying paste for formatting.

What exactly does the Format Painter Do What exactly?

Its Format Painter copies font-level formatting from one text block to another document. The font-level arrangement comprises font style size and color, emphasis (i.e., boldness, italics, underlining), subscribing and superscribing, text effects (e.g., outline shadow glow, reflection), and highlights. It can also copy style styles available in the gallery, such as Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 2.

Furthermore, it is also possible to use the Format Painter to copy paragraph-level formatting, including lists that are bulleted or numbered, align spacing, indentation, borders, and shading.

The benefits of the use of Format Painter within Word

Format Painter is a powerful program that allows you to copy and paste formatting designs across Word documents. Through the feature, you can quickly duplicate the exact font size, style, color, and many other text effects. Format Painter can copy and paste formatting options for paragraphs like numbered or bulleted lists alignment, spacing indentation, shading, and borders. In addition, Format Painter can help you copy how images are formatted and tables. This tool will benefit you through:

Create consistency throughout your document
Improve the visual appeal of your documents
Themes for document development

How do I make use of Format Painter?

In essence, it is a program that Format Painter is a tool that copies formatting from one option to the next. Are you looking to ensure your font’s size and color are the same across all documents? Modify the look of the shapes on the PowerPoint slide in one go? Do you want to remove formatting from text copied from the internet in your email? Make use of to use the Format Painter.

Here’s how to make use of Format Painter:

Select the shape, text cell, shape, or any other material that is formatted in the way you’d like to copy or use. You can highlight the selected area or place your cursor in it as demonstrated on the screen.
Click to Format Painter.
Select or highlight the additional contents for the format to be applied.

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