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How To Uninstall CM Launcher On Android

    Imagine the screen of your phone’s home screen. What’s the first thought that pops into your mind? What about the next? You could sketch a rough outline of your home screen from your memories. One of the downsides of spending so much time on our smartphones is that they get commonplace, and that commonplace turns boring fast.

    For a change of pace, some people have made customized versions of the Android launcher. CM Launcher is one of these apps. It alters the appearance of your smartphone by letting you install different themes. In this post, we’ll deeply study launchers and what CM Launcher is specifically.

    A Brief Introduction to Launchers

    Before we get to CM Launcher specifically, it’s essential to be aware of the meaning of launchers and their purpose. In Androidareense, the launcher is a thing that allows you to use the interface for users. Everything you can make to customize your smartphone, including moving apps around, changing the background, and installing or launching applications, is done through the launcher.

    Android claims to be an open-source platform that lets developers develop custom firmware for the devices running it. Custom ROMs, or ROMs in the sense that they’re called, can be insecure and hard to install. Be aware that custom launchers aren’t ROMs; they are software. They have different risks and are easy to operate.

    Launchers are classified into two general categories based on how simply you can use them and the benefits they can provide customers. These categories include “smart” and “design.” Smart launchers are ideal for users who don’t want enough time to look at their smartphones. They alter the screen of their home so that it is as useful as possible and present everything you need to know at one glance. However, the design-focused launchers are designed to customize the user experience completely.

    Think of these two categories as opposite sides of the spectrum, but there is no clear distinction. Each launcher shares some characteristics from both categories. CM Launcher is somewhere within the middle–with a tendency towards style.

    How to Uninstall CM Launcher or Microsoft Launcher on Your Samsung Phone

    CM launcher is an extremely popular alternative among third-party launchers that allows Android users to customize the design and appearance of the interface on their devices. Occasionally, it’s installed on a few gadgets. How do you get rid of it?

    Be aware that you must switch to a different launcher to remove the one you are currently using.

    Method 1: Via App Settings

    Following the steps, you can remove the CM launcher on the Samsung phone:

    • In Settings, click on Applications, then the Select preferred apps opportunity.
    • Select the Home App choice, then select a different launcher.
    • When the new launcher is in place, head back to the settings menu to Settings > Applications.
    • Select CM Launcher and then tap on Uninstall.

    Method 2: Via the App Drawer

    Utilize the methods below:

    • Press the long button on the CM launcher icon in the app.
    • Select the Uninstall choice.
    • Click on Uninstall for a second time to verify.

    Method 3: Use ADB Commands

    If you are with the CM launcher, or the Microsoft launcher has been pre-installed on your device, you can get rid of the CM launcher with Android Debug Bridge commands:

    • Start Settings, then tap About phone, next, click on Software information.
    • Click numerous times on the Number, then enter the device pin if asked to turn on Developer Mode.
    • Return to Settings, then tap Developer Options. Then, select the toggle that will enable USB debugging.
    • connect the Android smartphone to your laptop through USB.
    • Install the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your PC and launch the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac/Linux).
    • Visit the C:adb directory and run your ADB Devices command.
    • Disable the Adb Launcher with ADB remove (package number).

    Note: Replace the package’s name with the CM launcher’s name.

    • Make sure you confirm it, then disconnect the device.

    What is the excellent time to uninstall the CM Launcher App?

    The CM launcher app should be removed CM launcher app when you encounter these situations:

    • It begins to lose speed or ceases abruptly
    • It uses enough background data or enough battery
    • Your sensitive and personal information is being processed
    • The device is infected by viruses or malware

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