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How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

    The cult “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy is ending with the final film, “The Hidden World,” to be released on Friday. Based on a novel series written by Cressida Cowell and modified to film by Director Dean Deblois, the movies are about the land both men and dragons have learned to live together.

    The sudden appearance of a woman named Light Fury is accompanied by the terrifying threat that their village has ever confronted; Hiccup and Toothless must travel to a realm believed to only exist in mythology. Finally, they will realize their true destiny as the dragon and the rider fight together to defend everything they’ve come to love.

    As Hiccup achieves his desire to create an idyllic dragon paradise, Toothless’ discovery of an untamed, mysterious partner attracts Hiccup’s Night Fury away. As the threat to his home grows and Hiccup’s position as the village’s chief is questioned, the dragon and the rider have to make difficult choices to keep their kind.–JC Jamison

    Official Description

    “The Hidden World is an old sea-faring myth about a place in the middle of the earth where seafarers have lost their vessels and never seen again. The sailors who returned have claimed to have seen a huge waterfall and dragons guarding the entryway to a secret underwater world—a place where all dragons originate.

    Jay Baruchel stars as Hiccup in all three of the films.

    In one of the very first movie trailers that are officially released for “The Hidden World,” we hear Hiccup’s father Stoick relaying to his child that in the future, he’ll uncover the secret place from which all dragons originate.

    The mother of Hiccup’s character, Valka, wasn’t introduced in the second film.

    Hiccup found out that his mother had been on a secluded island full of dragons, taking care of the beasts and then rescuing them from the trappers.


    We wanted to create something that went beyond the concept of caves. One of the goals was to delve into bioluminescence and transmit light into the underground world by using crystals that can transport the magma’s light. We wanted to create an exotic place that appears to belong on the earth. However, it’s a place only for dragons and not humans.

    Comic and actor Craig Ferguson voices Gobber.

    He hosted “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” for nine years. He was also the CBS Emmy-winning show “Celebrity Name Game” from 2014 until 2017.


    Hidden World Hidden World is located within an enormous caldera of volcanic origin, which acts as a gate to an endless network of volcanic tubes and chambers that work throughout the world. The underground area is home to bioluminescent fungi and coral and brilliant, sparkling crystals that line the vast cavernous spaces as well as the antechambers. 1] Water seeps into cracks in the crust to form waterfalls and is absorbed into pools in coral shelves. The water that can reach the caldera’s surface is heated by magma and changed into steam, creating the appearance of a tropical ecosystem.


    In the world of DreamWorks Animation comes a surprising story about growing older and being brave enough to take on the unimaginable… as well as how nothing will ever teach one to be able to release. What started as a chance relationship between a young Viking and a terrifying Night Fury dragon has turned into an epic journey that spans their entire lives.

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