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how to select multiple songs on spotify

    Spotify Web Player allows you to select multiple songs: Spotify, launched in 2008, has become one of the most popular music streaming websites in the world. Spotify offers desktop and mobile apps allowing users to stream their favorite tracks. However, what about those who want to listen to Spotify directly from their web browsers? Until recently, this was impossible without using a third-party plugin.

    Spotify has launched a web player that can be accessed via any browser. Although still in beta, the player offers many of the same features as mobile apps and desktops.

    Spotify now allows you the ability to choose multiple songs. This new feature allows users to queue up their music and save time, as they don’t need to choose each track individually.

    To select multiple songs, hold down CTRL and press your keyboard’s control (Ctrl key). Clicking and dragging can also select songs using the mouse cursor. This article will demonstrate how to select multiple Spotify songs with just a few steps.

    How do you select multiple songs?

    First, you must know how Spotify selects multiple songs to add to your playlist. Clicking and dragging a song will add it to a playlist. If you want to add several songs to the Spotify playlist, here’s how.

    Press Ctrl to choose multiple songs

    Next, drag and drop the songs in a bunch to another playlist. Add multiple songs.

    Spotify allows you the ability to select multiple songs.

    Hold down the Command key (or the Control key on a Mac) to select multiple Spotify songs. Next, click the songs to be selected. Next, you will need to select all tracks in the group and then drag and drop them into a new playlist.

    How to import Local Music into Spotify

    Spotify desktop app allows you to import your music from other sources into Spotify. First, ensure you have all the desired songs on your computer. Then, please place them in an easily-accessible folder.

    Once that’s done, launch Spotify. Click the three-dot menu button in the top left and then go to Edit > Preferences. Scroll down and check the Local Files section to ensure the Show Local Files slider was enabled.

    After activating this slider, you will see various music folders on your PC. You can deactivate any you don’t need. Click on Add a source to import new sources.

    Click Open from the file selection window. Choose the folder with the songs that you have made and click OK. It will appear in Show songs. Make sure you enable it.

    It’s worth temporarily unchecking any previously imported music from local sources. This will make it much easier to choose the music you just added and put it into a new playlist (or any other way you like).

    Now click on Your Library at Spotify’s top left. In the Playlists tab, you will see a new Local Files section. Click this to view all the local music from your playlist.

    Imported music doesn’t include clickable artists and album links. Instead, you can use the Sorting option at the top right of the playlist (probably set on Custom order by default). To sort by artist name, track name, or similar. To easily categorize your local music, click the Create Playlist button in the left-hand sidebar.

    Can multiple songs be added to a SPOTIFY Playlist on a SMARTPHONE?

    Spotify mobile users can add multiple songs and playlists to their Spotify accounts. However, you won’t be able to use shortcuts as in the desktop version. You will have each song added manually.

    Tap the button “Your Library,” and then you’ll see a call for action saying, “create a playlist.”

    Click this button, then give your playlist name.

    Once you have created a playlist, it is possible to add songs.

    Use the search bar to search for the song that you know.

    To add the song or artist to your playlist, click the + icon.

    Your library will have the playlist available all the time.

    Where are the settings in Spotify Web Player?

    Web Player is currently not available with configuration options. Chromebook users will be able, if supported by Google Play Store, to access the Google Play Store.

    How do you enjoy a Spotify track?

    Select the heart icon near the song’s name to like it. Spotify saves your most liked songs in two playlists. The playlist you browse music too is the one you’re currently listening to, while the other contains songs you like when listening on Spotify.

    How to add multiple songs in a playlist

    Spotify allows you to add multiple songs to your playlist by pressing the ctrl key and the key simultaneously. Click on a song, then click the “add to playlist” button. At this stage, do not select the playlist to be added.

    You can then follow the same act to add another track to a playlist. Click the “add all to the playlist” button after selecting the songs.


    In summary, Spotify lets you select multiple songs using CTRL/SHIFT keys on your keyboard. This works only for computers.

    Spotify mobile is currently unable to select multiple songs.

    You can select multiple songs by using these methods and do anything you want with them.

    Please comment below if there are any other questions.

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