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how to select multiple items on mac

    If you’ve recently bought an Apple computer and changed operating systems from Windows to macOS, and you’ve noticed that the essential tasks of shifting files around and selecting them are different when using Mac. Mac.

    Selecting files is easy for those who only need to choose one file. On Mac OS X, click the file to move on to the action you want – copy, move either fraud or move. What happens if you need to delete or carry large amounts of files?

    If you can select multiple documents on Mac, your work will become productive. In addition, you will reduce time since you can complete the task in one go. In this article, we will explain how to choose various documents to open on Mac that you must be aware of.

    Why is it important to select multiple files so important?

    The capability to choose multiple files is crucial since it lets you take action on multiple files simultaneously. This is highly beneficial when moving or copying several files. For instance, if you’re copying various songs from your smartphone onto your computer, choosing multiple files can facilitate the process of more than just one file at a time. This can help you save time when you transfer files between different folders or systems.

    Hold Shift to Select Multiple Adjacent Files

    If the files you’d like to choose are in order, selecting the sequence is straightforward. This method is only available using the List columns, Columns, or Gallery view of Finder. In Finder, you can navigate to the location where you have your files and choose one of the views: List, Columns, or Gallery view using the icon for View.

    Then, choose one of the files in your sequence. With your keyboard, press the Shift key. Click on the last file of the line you wish to choose.

    Then, you can select all your files. You can now copy, transfer or delete them according to your needs.

    Hold Cmd to Select Multiple Non-Adjacent Files

    What happens if your files aren’t connected? Don’t worry! There is a different method to choose files that are not adjacent to your Mac. Browse to the folder that contains all files on Finder. Select the first file you wish to choose. Then, hold Cmd to your keyboard and then click every other file you want to choose.

    Keeping the Cmd button pressed allows you to add more files to your choice. You can also utilize the same method to remove any files you might have added incorrectly to a selection.

    How do I choose multiple files at the same time?

    There are a variety of alternatives to choose from, dependent on whether the file’s connected (displayed adjacent to one another within the Finder) or discordant.

    Here’s how to select several contiguous files:

    Select the first file you’d like to choose
    Hold Shift, press, and then click on the file you just saved.
    It’ll select everything that is between the two clicks.

    Here’s how to choose multiple discontiguous files:

    Select the first file that you’d like to choose
    Hold and press the Command key, and then select the other documents.
    You can also remove multiple files by pressing Command-click on each one.

    Select All Files in a Folder on Mac

    You can use an options menu bar or key shortcut in your Mac to choose all the files within an entire folder.

    In any case, start by opening your folder within Finder.

    To use your keyboard to choose all your documents, press Command+A. If you’d like to make use of an option in the menu bar to select all files, in the Finder menu bar, select edit > select all.

    Then Finder will pick every item in the current folder.

    This is all there is to performing multiple file selections on Mac.

    Once you’ve learned how to select multiple files simultaneously, you may be interested in learning ways to copy and paste files onto your Mac. It’s also a breeze.

    Benefits of selecting several Files

    There are two advantages to selecting several documents:

    It saves time: Selecting several files makes specific actions more accessible and quicker, like shifting or copying several files simultaneously. So you don’t have to select the files each time you’d like to act on them.
    Limits the chance of making mistakes by selecting several files; you can minimize errors by reducing the number of steps you make when moving, copying, or deleting files.

    How do I select multiple files without using the Finder?

    The techniques described above apply to all versions of macOS. Also, apps that adhere to the macOS guidelines allow you to select multiple files by using Shift for contiguous files or Command for discontiguous ones. For instance, in Photos, you can drag photos to pick them. That’s how you select multiple images on Macs. Mac.

    There are numerous ways to pick several files simultaneously, both in Finder and in other applications that follow Apple’s guidelines for user interfaces. After you’ve chosen the files, you can control-click to show the menu with several options. You can also use the Spacebar to open QuickLook.

    What can I do to view all of my Mac documents?

    If you wish to view your files on Mac Finder, Open the Terminal and type in the appropriate command to display secret files on Mac. Be aware when dealing with hidden files.

    How can I locate the whereabouts of a file within my Mac?

    To find the location path of a file, turn on access to the Finder Path Bar by opening Finder and then selecting Show Path Bar in the View menu. Its Path Bar shows the path from the folder you’re watching from at the very top of your filesystem.

    Wrapping up

    We hope our article allows you to harness your potential with shortcuts to improve your productivity as a Mac user. Check out the blog posts below for more helpful suggestions and advice that can be implemented.

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