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how to select multiple files in google drive

    If you’ve ever utilized Google Drive for personal or professional use, You may have noticed how easy it is to handle multiple files on the cloud-based storage service. However, following the recent update, the tick-box feature that was which allows users to allow you to select several files simultaneously is gone.

    In the end, deleting or moving many files at once is nothing less than an annoyance. Fortunately, nearly all central file management and storage software let users perform specific actions on multiple files. Google Drive is no exception.

    The latest update has simplified the user interface; however, the functionality is the same. Let’s review some of the best ways to choose various files on Google Drive to perform specific actions on them:

    How to Choose Two or more Files from Your Google Drive

    This part was done by using the desktop version of Google Chrome. Google Chrome Web browser, however, can also be used in other browsers for desktops, such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

    Follow the steps below to choose multiple files simultaneously within Google Drive.

    Step 1: Sign into Google Drive.

    Open your Google Drive cloud storage.

    You can go directly to instead of opening Google Drive through Gmail or another Google app.

    Step 2: Select the first file you wish to choose.

    Choose one of the files.

    If you’ve selected the “My Drive” option enabled on the left-hand side of the window, this will display all the files on your Google Drive files.

    Step 3: Press the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard. And select the remaining files.

    Press Ctrl, and then click on every subsequent file you wish to choose.

    If you’re running the Mac, then you’d press”Command” “Command” alternatively.

    Step 4: Perform the desired actions on the chosen files.

    Right-click one of the files you want to select and select from the choices available on this menu.

    It is important to note that a toggle is located at the top right of the listing of Google Drive files, letting you switch between list view and grid views. Grid view typically can access multiple files simultaneously, which is why it’s the most convenient method to see files to be used for this purpose.

    After you’ve completed these steps and picked multiple files, you can download each and move them to a Google Drive folder or remove them. You can also share files with Google Drive if you want. It is also possible to use this to store Google Drive PDFs storage.

    Choose Multiple Files from Google Drive Using Your Mouse

    The most efficient method of selecting the various files available in Google Drive is to move your fingers over the file you want. This is similar to selecting the files from the Windows desktop.

    Navigate to using a browser for the web.

    Click My Drive on the left side, and locate the files you want to choose.

    It is also possible to switch from Grid View to your List view. Click the View icon in the upper right corner of your files to change it.

    Right-click, drag your mouse and then draw a square across the files you wish to choose.

    It is now possible to right-click one of them, and the option you select from that option will apply to the entire list of them that are chosen. You may also drag and drop them to move or remove them.

    How can I choose several files in succession?

    To select a collection of files in succession,

    Choose the first file that you’d like to download.

    Hold the shift key down.

    Also, choose the most recent file you’d like to download.

    Release the shift key and ensure that all files selected remain highlighted.

    Are you highlighting multiple files in G-Drive on Android?

    Utilizing Google Drive, the most popular Google Drive app for android, Find the files you want to select multiple files simultaneously.

    Find the main file, select it and press for about 1-2 seconds until the blue checkmark appears.

    There’s also the toolbar you can touch in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

    Continue selecting more files using short presses until all the files you wish to select are highlighted.

    Hurray! You did it.

    Is there a Select All option in Google Drive?

    It’s Google Drive app offers a simple method of selecting multiple folders or files. Just press a long press on a file or directory to open it. Afterward, you can select the option you want to carry out on the selected folders or files. This feature is accessible on all versions that come with Google Drive. Here are the methods to choose multiple files or folders on Google Drive:

    Holding down the Control button when you select a file from Google Drive allows you to select several files. When you double-click a document, however, you select it one at a time. You can then repeat the procedure to select several files. Alternatively, you can press your Command key while selecting several files. Depending on the file type, you may also utilize keystrokes on your keyboard to pick several files.

    How can I select several files in Google Drive on Android?

    Gallery view: Press and hold a particular file to select it. A check mark appears over the file after it is selected. For multiple files to select, press on as many files you would like to choose as check marks appear on the entire selection of files.

    How do you choose multiple files to upload?

    Select one of the folders or files you wish to choose. Press the command key or shift keys. Click on the folders or files you want to select by holding down the shift or command key. Hold the shift or command key until you’ve selected each of the folders or files you need.


    After reading the entire article, I’m confident you’ve learned how to choose various files in Google Drive without difficulty. I have shared four methods for doing this, but it’s your choice to decide which one you’d like to employ.

    This article also helps to delete several files from Google Drive since the steps are included in this post.

    Please find this article informative enough to dispel any doubts. If you have any problems with that, I invite you to inform me in the comments section, and I’m confident I’ll provide an answer shortly.

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