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How to See Incognito History on iPhone

    In the digital web, searching for websites has become a standard. In the past, the privacy of information, visits, the history of searches, and so on are now the focus of many. However, there are methods to ensure you don’t leak personal information or data when surfing the Internet. Due to the sound technology of the Incognito Mode, it has been widely employed by people. Sometimes, however, users might regret using this feature and want to reclaim their Incognito history. Do you have a chance to view the history of private browsing? Yes, of course it can. This video guide will cover techniques and tips on retrieving Incognito information on an iPhone.

    What Is Incognito Mode?

    Incognito mode, also known as private Browsing mode, is the popular option for users who do not want to keep an account of their actions on the Internet. This option is helpful for those who don’t want anyone to have access to the things you’ve done using your gadget with no hassle.

    Certain people use it to secure their passwords and protect private accounts. However, other people want to access multiple accounts at once. However, most users prefer to surf confidentially and not leave any traces.

    Is incognito history possible to be viewed? Yes! Whether you’re on an iPhone or Android, there are many methods to determine precisely what they accomplished. This is a listing of the most effective ways to gain access to the history of their private accounts.

    Can You See Incognito History on WiFi?

    You can view the private history of your WiFi connection. The router keeps records of this, unlike the device or browser.

    How to See Incognito Browsing History? How to See Incognito History on iPhone Safari?

    Do you want to view your incognito history on your iPhone? It’s easy to accomplish it. Just follow the steps below:

    • Start Settings for the iOS device.
    • Scroll down to the main Menu before tapping to open Safari from the Menu.
    • Tap the bottom of the screen, then tap Advanced in the READING LISTE section.
    • Now, tap on Website Data.

    The sites that have been visited, even those hidden, are visible together with the information consumption.

    How can I access the history of incognito on the Windows PC

    Search for “Command prompt” using the Windows search bar, select”Command prompt,” and then select the “Run as administrator” option.

    Enter “ipconfig /displaydns” in the “Command prompt” window and hit “Enter.

    There’s a list of domains that you’ve recently visited using every browser, not just the private sessions.

    How do I view Private Browsing History on my iPhone? An individual

    Regarding security, using the privacy feature, private browsing on iPhone is a great option. Yet, you’ll need to browse confidential information on an iPhone owned by a spouse, child, or someone else. Since the information about browsing remains private, all you require is third-party software.

    I have analyzed all the programs that can record your private browsing history; just one is reliable. Spylix is my recommendation for using Spylix.

    Spylix- Best Tool to View Someone’s Private Browsing History for iOS

    If you’re searching for a simple and effective solution to see the private browsing history of the iPhone of a different person and today’s your day. Spylix is a data-tracking device that immediately retrieves browsing history on another iPhone.

    The method of seeing the private history of browsing on an iPhone using Spylix is simple and reliable. You should keep track of the things your child or spouse is doing in their personal Safari browser. Spylix offers more than 40 functions that monitor privacy, and the ability to watch private browsing is one of those features. If you’re looking for complete control of a person’s iPhone or iPad, Spylix is the required application.

    How to View Their Incognito History on Android: 2 Ways

    Finding out how to access an anonymous past on Android is as simple:

    Use Eyezy

    The steps you must take for Android to access incognito history are similar to the steps we detailed on iPhones:

    • Log on to and sign up.
    • Pick a plan for a subscription and take out a payment.
    • Set up an account.
    • Install the app onto the device of your target.
    • Log in to the Eyezy dashboard with your username and password.
    • Include a device that is monitored.
    • Click on the ‘Browser History Tab within Web Magnifier and monitor the chosen browser.

    Visit the settings of your browser.

    While you can’t see Incognito logs if you aren’t familiar with specific console commands, connecting their devices to view the pages they’ve visited in the normal mode of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other web browser is possible. For this, you need to follow these steps:

    • Launch the web browser on the target device.
    • Navigate to the Menu (look at the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the display).
    • Tap History.
    • Check out the list of frequently visited websites.

    How to See Incognito History on iPhone via Google Chrome Extension

    Another method you could access your private history on iPhone is via the Google Chrome extension. This is where we will introduce the extension to Google Off The Record History. Off The Record History. How to access private history on iPhone through Google Chrome:

    Step 1. Go to “Off The Record History” and click “Add to Chrome”.

    Step 2. To enable the extension, type “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar and select “Details” for the “Off The Record History” extension.

    Step 3. Go to “Allow in Incognito” and turn it off. It is now possible to record their history even while in incognito mode.

    The extension will automatically erase any history incognito after seven days. Alternatively, using the extensions settings, you can erase incognito histories manually within Chrome.


    Can Google See My Incognito History?

    The answer is yes; Google can’t see your private past. But can your Internet service provider (ISP) monitor your activities? Does it have a cache?

    It is important to remember that Incognito mode doesn’t remove cache or cookies. If you launch an Incognito window, the cache, and cookies remain in existence until your Incognito browser closes.


    While incognito mode can provide a certain degree of security, realizing that it will not offer complete privacy is essential.

    Use the techniques described in this tutorial to check and clean the history of your incognito on both iPhone and Mac. Remember to adhere to the tips discussed to improve your privacy online and security when using privacy mode.

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