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how to remove pop socket

    With increasing amounts of time connected to their devices, mobile manufacturers have decided to increase the size of their screens. But larger screens are difficult to operate by themselves. This is the reason why PopSockets come into play. These accessories will assist you in getting an improved grasp of the device. They’re mainly used for stand or grip on mobiles.

    Suppose you have purchased an entirely new phone and would like to take off the PopSocket from your old device for it to be connected to the new device. Indeed, removing the PopSocket isn’t an easy job. You’ll need determination, patience, and the right tools to accomplish the task.

    How do I take out the MagSafe pop socket?

    It’s much easier to separate the MagSafe PopSocket than to remove an adhesive type. It can be raised, moved, or completely replaced in a matter of minutes because it’s magnetically attached to the case.

    The magnetic attachment doesn’t have the same power as the adhesive attachment, which is the main drawback.

    If it isn’t sticking to any phone any longer and the old base does, place it against the wall or desk, close the PopGrip flat, press it down, and turn to 90 degrees.

    The PopTop should pop off fast; you can change it with a new, more substantial bottom.

    How do you take off the PopSocket mount from a vehicle?

    There are several ways to take the PopSocket mount off a vehicle. One option is using a screwdriver to loosen the screws which hold the mount in its place. Another method is using a wrench to turn the screws around the perimeter of the mounting. After the screws have been removed, the mount will be lifted out of the vehicle.

    Are pop sockets likely to ruin cases for your phones?

    Before we get started, we should determine if it’s safe to adhere such items to the cover. Based on the user’s comments, the base may occasionally leave sticky marks on the surface it was placed on. This is usually the case when you choose cheaper alternatives to the original product. But, the sticky residue is easily removed with any of the techniques explained in our article on how to remove sticky residue from your phone case.

    In addition, it should cause no damage to your phone or case. Remember that the durability of a pop socket may reduce based on the type of surface. For instance, glue is typically better for silicon and leather surfaces. It also sticks more to certain types of surfaces, like waterproof covers. Be careful when using it and test in a safe area first to avoid damaging your phone.

    How do you remove a sticky PopSocket

    PopSockets are ideal for holding the phone with one hand while texting using the other hand. However, when you purchase an updated case or case for your phone and want it to remain on your PopSocket, it is necessary to take it off the device you currently use.

    The glue gel that adheres to your phone’s or case’s surface is designed to be reusable and doesn’t leave any leftovers left behind. Here’s how to get rid of the PopSocket

    Then, fold the PopSocket until it’s flat against the device.

    Take the PopSocket off of the device. Use your fingernail, spudger, or instrument underneath and around the disk while lifting it.

    Take care to take the PopSocket out of the way until the PopSocket comes out.

    When the gel is sticky, transfer the PopSocket to a different device or case, or relocate it to a different place on the current device.

    The phone is clean and free of PopSocket, and you can put it in another case, put it into your back pocket, or even put the PopSocket onto your next gadget.

    What is the best way to remove the top of a PopSocket top?

    To take off the PopSocket, the top first take off the screws that secure it. After that, you can employ a screwdriver with a flat head to pull the surface until it comes off.

    How do I take the phone holders from the car?

    There are many methods to take the phone holder from your vehicle. You can do this with hairdryers, drills, or even a knife.


    How do you remove a pop socket? Popsockets appear to be among the top requested items available today and serve a great function. You can imagine how enjoyable it is to use one if you own one!

    You can simply alter the top of the pop socket by pulling it into and out once it’s connected to a tablet or phone. However, you may want to get your pop socket removed and replace it with another one in the future.

    It’s a straightforward procedure. The only thing you need to do is gently pull your fingers beneath the root.

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