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how to receive text messages on two iphones

    If you’re an iPhone user, you may have encountered a situation where two iPhones are receiving identical text messages, even if it was meant for just one iPhone. The scenario suggests that you’ve sent the exact messages to different numbers. We’ll help you solve this issue of two iPhones receiving the same text messages in this post. However, before we do anything about it, we need to know why.

    We’re here to offer solutions to the problem that your iPhone is constantly switching to silent. But before we do that, we’d like to remind you to use a small trick that can solve many iPhone issues – restarting your iPhone. If the problem persists, test these solutions.

    Do I get text messages from different iPhones simultaneously?

    The ability to sync messages among two iPhones is possible with the iMessage feature. This technology is proprietary and allows an instant transfer of messages, images, videos, and text. Both iPhones must be logged in to an identical Apple ID to send information across the two iPhones simultaneously. Because of your Apple ID account, all data is synced.

    Receiving text messages from two iPhones using different Apple IDs is not feasible. It’s against privacy regulations. You can also use chat rooms for groups. They are available in three forms: SMS, MMS, and iMessage. The type you choose is automatically determined based on whether your contacts utilize iMessage technology or traditional texts and MMS.

    Receiving group messaging and sending messages simultaneously are two different things. Synchronization is the method for people who want to transfer messages across their mobile devices. It is made possible by having an Apple ID. Log into your account from multiple devices and then enable synchronization. Group messaging is excellent for sharing information with friends, colleagues, or family. You can configure an iPad for receiving messages from your iPhone with “Forwarding. The data will be saved to the cloud storage in iCloud.

    Send Text Messages To Two iPhones

    If you would like to be able to have texts delivered to two iPhones, it is necessary to log in to each one using an identical Apple ID. Also, you should have the iMessage app on both phones.

    To ensure more reliable performance, ensure that you are running the most recent version of iOS installed on every phone.

    At a minimum, you need to at a minimum, have iOS 8.1 or a newer iOS version on both smartphones.

    To allow the Forwarding of text messages to another iPhone, Follow these steps on iPhones:

    Select Settings, then select the option Messages.
    Select Text Message Forwarding. If Text Message Forwarding isn’t an option, you likely require logging into your iPhone using the Apple ID.
    In the list of devices, select the iPhone, which will receive the texts, is recommended.
    To protect yourself, authentication steps may be needed to confirm your forwarding configurations.

    Ensure you complete all verifications to notify the system that you have permission for texts to be forwarded automatically.

    Text Messages on Two iPhones

    You’re already authenticated using an Apple ID on your iPhone, and you’d like to sign in on the second iPhone with that same Apple ID. Apple will require you to transfer code numbers from your new device to your older phone to confirm that you’re logging into the new phone.

    After signing into the new iPhone, Apple will want to confirm that you’re still logged in to the previous iPhone, which is enormous, massive, and a lot of work trying to get both synced.

    While you can download your messages and messages from another iPhone through the iCloud service, you cannot do this by accessing the iCloud service from your phone since that isn’t feasible for companies like Apple.

    Apple would like you to log onto the computer and download iTunes and access the cloud and look at texts that could be missing in any way. You can also access settings and turn on “Text Forwarding of Messages.”

    Go to Settings.
    Scroll down to the Messages.
    On the screen for Messages, scroll to the bottom and choose Text Forwarding of Messages.
    If you’re connected to another iPhone, the account should show here.
    Switch the switch to On.
    Then, take the second iPhone and do the exact procedure unless you’re trying to conceal that your other iPhone is currently communicating and receiving text messages from the phone. In either case, you’ll now be able to view all messages sent and received on your iPhone that are being sent from your other iPhone.

    Can You Have Text Messages Sent To Two Phones?

    Mobile phones and applications currently available permit texts to be sent to two mobiles. iPhone or Android users can use applications for text forwarding that are affordable and easy to download or already installed on their phones.

    In sending text messages to two different phones, I’ve saved a lot of cash by not needing to purchase an international SIM card or phone service to receive texts from abroad. Receiving text messages on two phones has allowed me to have access to my most important business and personal messages.

    We will show you ways to have texts sent to 2 iPhones and Android phones. We will also show you how you can automate sending texts to iPhones or Android phones and other phones that use different operating systems.

    How to Add a New Email Address for iMessage

    You can add a new email address for iMessage on Apple’s website. It’s impossible to do this on either your iPhone or iPad.

    Visit the Apple ID Account page using your internet browser. Log in using Your Apple ID.

    Select the Edit button on the right side of the Account section.

    Main Apple ID page for your account with Edit button

    Click on the accessible At the section of your account settings, and then select the Add More option.

    Editing your account screen on the Apple ID website with the Add More option highlighted.

    Input the email address you would like to use, and click Continue.

    In addition, you can add an email to your Apple ID with the Continue button highlighted.

    Apple will prompt you immediately for a code sent to the address listed on the file. Look in your email for messages and enter the code in the appropriate boxes before proceeding.


    Receiving text messages from two iPhones is simple when you know how to do it.

    Spend a few minutes configuring message forwarding and iCloud, and everything will be synchronized between both devices.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. If you have any additional questions regarding iPhones, please get in touch with them via the comment box below.

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