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how to post on multiple facebook groups

    Facebook is a great way to promote your business. You should be familiar with the different methods of using Facebook. Facebook accounts can be used for different purposes.

    Facebook’s influence network is a great example of this! It has close to 1.56 billion users daily.

    It is important to understand the features of Facebook and what it can do for your business.

    Facebook can be used to create Facebook pages, profiles, and groups. These three types each have their features, which you’ll need to use to launch a social media campaign on Facebook for your company.

    It is possible to create content for these spaces by understanding the differences. You can, for example, post to multiple Facebook Groups for your organization or brand.

    How to post in multiple Facebook Groups at once

    Postcron dashboard – Add the groups you want to manage
    Select the groups
    Write your posts using only text or images, or links
    Schedule your post on the day and time you choose
    As stated before, you can be someone other than the group administrator. However, the Postcron Application must be added to the Postcron group you want to connect with.

    How do I delete a Facebook group?

    You can remove all members from a Facebook Group that you are an admin of by clicking the More (three dots) menu. First, open Groups > Groups that you manage > Members. Then click on the More (three-dot) menu, then choose Remove member. Select all members except you, then click on Remove [name] member. This may take some time. Once you are the only group member, click the More button next to your name and choose Leave Group.

    How can an administrator be added to a Facebook page?

    Anyone can become an administrator in your Facebook group. Click Groups > Groups that you manage > Members. Next, click the More menu. Click Send invite > Make admin. They will receive an email with instructions on how to become an administrator.

    How many Facebook groups can you post on daily?

    It depends on how old your account is. More people trust older accounts than newer Facebook profiles.

    When posting in Facebook Groups with Old Accounts, you have 200-210 group posts per calendar day. After that, you can be temporarily blocked from posting to the group.

    This is not good news for your account. If you stop, there will be a time when the restriction will be temporary.

    Keep your old accounts updated with 10-20 posts per day. You should keep it to less than ten posts for new accounts.

    You must also ensure you’re actively engaging in groups you join by liking, commenting, and commenting on posts made by others.

    If you only post once a day, it is just a matter of time. Facebook will place restrictions on you if admins of the groups do so.

    Ask admission questions to keep bots away.

    This one is essential to keep spammers from your site. When you sign up, you can ask as many as three questions. This allows you to vet the incoming members.

    Here are some things common to which groups often ask:

    Group rules must be read and accepted by all users.
    Email addresses can be used both for verification and marketing.
    It is an easy question to answer but a specific question to show humanity.
    Robots won’t be able to answer your questions on carbon-based lifeforms. However, this can also restrict access to your groups as needed.

    You can check their customer status by asking them for their work email address, even if the group is restricted to current customers.


    Social media strategies aim to maintain and create a presence through social networks. This is not news. All public and private organizations, big and small, national and international, are working towards being seen by customers and users. This is possible through social networking.

    Multiple Facebook groups can be used to reach many users and potential clients. It can also help you save time. However, you must use an authorized third-party app to post to multiple groups.

    A group admin can only allow you to post to multiple forums. Facebook rules forbid posting to multiple groups even if your admin status is not set. We’re certain you don’t want to see your name in Facebook’s black book.

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