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how to mix colors on procreate

    How to Mix Colors in Procreate. If you’re an aspiring artist in the realm of digital artwork, you might be thinking about mixing colors in Procreate. Using the color wheel within your toolbars, you can combine as many shades and tones as you like. By altering the opacity levels, it is easy to make modifications to your photo. There are two methods to mix colors in Procreate. The first involves choosing an artist’s brush and clicking on the layer. The other method uses a color wheel to create the palette. Once you’ve picked an area, you can drag and drop the colors.

    The other method involves applying a Gaussian Blur to the individual layers. If you press the blend button, you’ll notice an image pop up. Tap the canvas one time to select a vivid blue shade. Next, use the “Brush” tool on top of the canvas. This allows you to create a more accessible, more smooth blend. After this is done, it’s time to begin applying the other techniques for blending.

    What is the Blend Brush on Procreate?

    When you are in the setting of the brushes under the DYNAMICS section, you’ll see the option to WET MIX. This is where I make Blender brushes. In any meeting that uses this feature, Wet Mix is a form of blender brush. This section gives more options than the basic 0-100 options that the smudge slider offers.

    How can you blur procreate?

    To blur the Procreate image:

    1. Click the Adjustments tab, and select Gaussian Blur or Motion Blur and Perspective Blur.
    2. Select the Layer option in order and apply the blur onto the layer.
    3. Select the pencil option for using your blur on smaller areas of your Procreate canvas.
    4. Draw over what you wish to blur.


    Select the “finger” icon near the bottom of your screen to open the Smudge brushes. You can choose any brush you like. However, some brushes perform better than others.

    To blend into the brush you’re drawing with, keep your finger in place until it indicates it’s using the current meeting. (Always ensure that it has chosen the correct brush. It works around 50 percent of the time. Me. …)

    How To Blend Skin In Procreate

    Making realistic skins is among the most sought-after abilities in digital art design. Mixing skins in Procreate is precisely the same as making, for instance, attractive and polished apples.

    There are many aspects to take into consideration when designing the perfect skin. The skin structure, the shades, and how the hues interact. It’s more challenging to blend into than anything else.

    Why do two colors mix in Procreate?

    You’re used to working using paint, similar to how we create it naturally. It would be nice to combine two colors using Procreate.

    I will provide you with a variety of techniques that each has its particularities.

    Blending on Procreate

    Blending is a vital method for artists to master their work. It can be used to create various effects, such as shadows, gradients, and textures. Explore the techniques above in your work to discover what works best for you.

    If you’re looking for additional artistic apps for the iPad, look no further than our article about the best applications for artists.


    Blending colors is a crucial ability for artists to master. It isn’t easy to figure out where to begin. However, Procreate offers a variety of options to help you. The first thing to decide is what colors you’d like to use.

    After you’ve chosen your colors and are ready to experiment with different blending options, procreate has six modes: Normal, Multiply Screen Overlay, Soft Light, and Hard Light. Each method produces various effects, and it’s essential to experiment with them until you can find one you like.

    You can also alter the intensity of your colors to create unique effects. Don’t be scared to try something new. After a few hours of practice, you’ll be able to mix paints and a professional!

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