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How To Make Strawberry Jam

    Homemade Strawberry Jam. Utilize all those fresh and sweet berries and make the jam you want at home! It’s not necessary to can. Store the jam in the refrigerator or freezer until you can use it.

    This jam is made of fresh red strawberries and some fresh lemon juice. Ideal for spreading over homemade biscuits. You can use it to make a filling for French-style toast and to serve as a topping on Belgian waffles.

    The Best Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe

    Are you curious about what you can do to create Strawberry Jam? It’s surprisingly simple. This is a fantastic small-volume strawberry jam recipe that I want to present to you today. I prepare this jam each year following our visit to the neighbourhood strawberry farm.

    The charm of this straightforward strawberry jam recipe that you can make at home is that it uses fresh strawberry, lemon juice, and sugar in place of pectin for the jam set.

    Why This Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe Works

    The most basic ingredients – all you require is sugar, strawberries, and lemon juice! Lemon juice and sugar are combined with the natural pectin present in the fruit and lemon to create the jam strawberry set. (Lemon juice can also help prevent the spread of bacteria.)

    • Quick – It takes only 20 minutes!
    • It tastes amazing. The taste of jam made from scratch can’t match the store-bought variety!
    • Didn’t the jam’s strawberry look stunning Didn’t the jam look stunning? This isn’t a lie when I say this jam recipe is simple. It takes just 20 minutes of cooking!


    Check out the recipe guide later in the article for the exact amount of ingredients and the entire recipe.

    Strawberries: Use fresh, ripe berries in good shape, Ideally with a few non-ripe berries, as they include greater pectin.

    Sugar, granulated or regular sugar, is ideal.

    Lemon juice: use freshly squeezed lemon juice. It is essential to squeeze the juice, which aids in the forming of the jam.


    • Initially, you need to place two plates or saucers in the freezer. They will serve as a determine if the jam is ready.
    • Clean the jars using heating them in the oven. The full instructions are included within the recipe.
    • Clean and dry the strawberries. Take off the stems of green and slice the berries in quarters or halves.
    • Incorporate the strawberries, sugar and lemon juice in an enormous saucepan. Mix using a wooden spoon.
    • Reduce the heat to low, and stir until the sugar is dissolved; gradually increase the heat until it reaches the point of steady boiling. The mixture should simmer for 10 minutes with frequent stirring.
    • Remove the stove from heat and pour a small amount of the jam into the chilled saucer. It should sit briefly to cool before running your finger across the jam. If it forms wrinkles and becomes stiff, then it’s done. If it’s not yet liquid, place it back in the pan and bring it to a simmer for another 1-2 minutes. Then, retest.
    • Let the Strawberry Jam sit for 10 minutes before carefully pouring it into the Jars. This allows the pieces of fruit to spread equally across the jam. Clean any dirt from the jam’s top with a fresh spoon.

    Ladle the jam in the hot jars, then put the lids back on for sealing. After cooling, wash the jars clean to get rid of any spills. Store in a dark, cool area.


    If you intend for the jam to be consumed immediately, Do not bother making it; chill and refrigerate.

    Information on Nutrition (per serving)


    Fat: 0g

    Carbs: 22g

    Protein: 0g

    How to Store Homemade Jam:

    Refrigerator: keep the fridge inside a tightly sealed container for a maximum of one month.

    Freezer: Store in a freezer-safe sealed container for at least six months.

    Shelf: To keep it on your shelves and not inside the refrigerator or freezer, you’ll have to undergo an entire process of sterilizing the jars before sealing them.

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