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How To Make Milanesa

    This Milanesa Steak recipe is a delicious and exciting meal alternative this is pleasant for lunch or dinner. It begins offevolved with lean steak, which is then coated in a crispy and flavorful breaded coating. The breading is crafted from a mixture of breadcrumbs, herbs, and spices, which upload an intensity of taste to the lean steak.


    Without a doubt, steak dinner is my family’s desire. I love developing special steak dinners to serve my circle of relatives – and so do they! I recognize they may love this way of the path, locating new approaches to put together steak.

    This steak Milanese recipe is a dish that went over so well that I knew I needed to percentage it with you all. It’s a breaded steak recipe, fried to crisp perfection even as ultimately so smooth and wet on the inner, and it is so bendy for serving at the side of your chosen elements and sauces!

    I have tried serving steak milanesa with the whole lot, from a soft egg on top and fries at the side to a creamy wine sauce to pair it with, and it has typically wowed anyone at the desk. Give it an attempt with considered honesty, certainly one of my sauces for steak, and revel in it!

    Why You’ll Love This Beef Milanesa Recipe

    Protein Rich – I use lean beef for added protein to this dish. I like to apply pinnacle spherical beef red meat. It’s very lean, and this recipe is great for it. 

    Versatile – You can pair this with a few factors. From corn to fries, and a few like it with rice!

    Budget Friendly – This recipe calls for breaded top round cutlet red meat, which is usually less expensive. You can feed a massive crowd without breaking the monetary group. 

    Ingredients wanted

    No specific components are required to make this tasty fried steak recipe. You probably already have most, if no longer all, of the additives you’ll need accessible already. 

    Steak. Four thinly-reduced steaks, moreover referred to as minute steaks or cube steaks. Either 4-6 oz… Steaks or four small steaks pounded to schnitzel-like thickness.

    Flour. Dredging the steaks in flour before frying will assist in getting crisp out of doors and help the egg combination adhere to the beef. 

    Salt and pepper. It can be adjusted to the flavor.

    Eggs. This is the number one layer of dredging and will assist the breadcrumbs to stay with the pork earlier than frying. 

    Bread crumbs. For the more crispy coating. 

    Parmesan cheese. Freshly grated is terrific.

    Parsley. Fresh and finely chopped. This may be delivered to the breadcrumb mixture. 

    Lemon wedges. For serving alongside the completed steaks.

    Oil. Enough for frying the steaks. Any unbiased-flavored cooking oil will work. 

    Cooking oil tip

    When frying substances, normally pick an oil with an excessive smoke element—good oils to apply to encompass peanut, avocado, and safflower oil.

    How to make milanesa

    Get organized to have flawlessly cooked Milanese proper away in any respect!

    Here’s the way it’s completed:

    Step 1- Pound the steaks

    If using thicker steaks, wrap them in saran wrap and pound them until they’re approximately ½ inch thick. 

    Step 2- Make the coating

    Get three small bowls. In one bowl, blend the flour, salt, and pepper. Add the eggs and whisk together in the second bowl and within the zero.33 bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, and finely chopped parsley.

    Step 3- Bread the steaks

    Dip each steak inside the flour, eggs, and breadcrumb combinations, preventing shaking off any excess. Press firmly when dipping within the breadcrumb mixture to ensure they live with the pork. 

    Step 4- Fry the milanesa

    Fill a pan with two inches of oil and area it over medium warmth. Once the oil is warm, add 1-2 steaks and cook dinner for 2-3 minutes on every element or till golden and crispy. Place the fried steaks on a paper-towel-protected plate to take in more oil and repeat until all of the steaks are cooked.

    Serving Suggestions

    Serve properly now with white or pink rice, refried beans, calabacitas, potatoes, spaghetti Verde, and a simple greens salad from lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados.

    Tortas Milanesas also is famous manner to serve this beef. Place the breaded steak in a bolillo bread to make a sandwich alongside your favorite fixings. Spread mayonnaise on the bread,

    How to Store

    Fridge: To hold the breaded steak, it’s crucial to hold it in an airtight field inside the fridge. This will help save your bacteria from growing. Eating the leftovers indoors for 3 to 4 days of cooking is notable.


    When reheating the Milanesa stakes, it’s critical to perform that care to keep away from drying it out or making the breading soggy. One easy manner to reheat its miles is to apply the oven. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place fillets on a baking sheet. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until it is heated and the breading is crispy.

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