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how to make apps bigger on iphone

    iOS 13 brings several new features and enhancements to the iPhone and the iPad. Among them is the capability to adjust the size of the icons on the home screen. While this is a tiny alteration, it will significantly change how you utilize your device. If you’ve found yourself looking to change icons on the Home screen to bigger or smaller, you’ll be pleased to learn that iOS 13 makes that possible. This article will explain how you can change the size of icons for the iPhone or iPad operating iOS 13.

    Apple changed the design of its iPad Home screen in iPadOS 15. It also made the icons of apps smaller to ensure they could fit more icons onto the Home Screen. If you need help reading or tapping on the small icons, here’s how to make iPad home screen icons larger with just a few steps.

    Methods for setting larger icons for apps for iOS 15 and earlier devices

    With some tweaking, you can change your iPhone app icons to larger ones on your home screen.

    Go to your Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.

    Click next to the Display & Brightness option.

    Scroll down the screen and click “View” (Display Zoom).

    Pick “Standard and Zoomed”.

    You can tap Set, and your iPhone will display the Changes when it reboots.

    That’s it.

    Methods to modify App icons size on iPad

    Maintain your iPhone up-to-date with the latest version of iPadOS. Ensure you check the latest iPadOS Version and Follow the instructions below.

    Settings General, Software Update: Ensure you are up-to-date with iPadOS or install the pending software updates.

    iOS 15 or later

    Launch the Settings App for iPad and Scroll through to “Home screen and Dock”.

    Check the toggle to enlarge app icons. “Use Large App Icons” Turn on the toggle to increase the size of icons and disable the ability to reduce icons for iPad.”

    That’s it.

    iPad 13 & Earlier

    Start the Settings App on your iPad.

    Then, Scroll to Home Screen & Dock.

    In the right panel, you will display the option to alter the iPad app’s size.

    How to add Widgets to the iPhone Home Screen

    For the first time, iOS 14 made it possible to integrate widgets into your Home Screen on an iPhone. Widgets are a lighter version of an app which shows information and allows you to access it from the home Screen. In the new version of iOS 16, you can even include widgets on the Lock Screen.

    Customizing the iPhone Home Screen with widgets to almost every default Apple application and an expanding number of third-party apps is possible. Add one of these widgets:

    Press and hold down the empty area on the Home Screen to go into Jiggle mode.

    You can tap the top corner and the (+) icon to open available widgets in the upper right-hand corner. Scroll or search through your options until you find your desired widget.

    When you have selected a widget, move it left and right to look at different options. Tap Add Widget.

    Drag and drop it to change the widget’s position on the Home Screen, just like you do with other apps. It can be put in a smaller widget for a stack of widgets.

    Click Done, or tap the Home button to leave Jiggle mode.

    Change the size of app icons on iPadOS 15 or later.

    This is how you can increase the icon size for apps for your iPad:

    Launch the Settings application.

    Tap Home Screen & Dock.

    You can enable the toggle that allows you to use Large app icons.

    Then, visit the iPad Home screen, and you’ll find larger icons for apps within the same grid of 6×5. If the changes do not show up, reboot your iPad.

    How do you make iPad apps bigger?

    The instructions in this article were executed on a sixth-generation iPad with iPadOS 15.6.1 version of iPadOS.

    These steps will teach you how to make the App icons more prominent on the iPad.

    Step 1: Tap on the Settings icon on the home screen.

    Step 2: Choose Step 2: Click on the Home Screen & Dock tab.

    Select the Home Screen & Dock option on your screen’s left.

    Step 3: Switch on the option to use the Large App Icons feature.

    Click the button next to Use Large App Icons to activate the feature.

    It’s off in the photo above.

    If you know how to make your apps larger on your iPad, it is possible to improve the user experience and make it easier to locate the icons of the apps on your iPad.

    A comparative below shows the standard app icon size to the more prominent app icons.

    The tutorial will continue below, with some responses to the common issues that could arise while you alter the setting.

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