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how to make a heart out of a dollar

    Origami is an old art form. In Japanese, it translates to “folding paper,” a plethora of origami-related crafts.

    In this DIY, inspired by the blog Molliepop We’ll transform the crisp dollar bill into an adorable heart. Make it a gift, or keep it to yourself!

    This project is sure to bring away the childhood fascination within you. One person who has tried this easy project told me that she placed the dollar origami heart on her daughter’s bed to celebrate her tooth when she was asleep! This is very sweet. This is an excellent technique that you must master. You will need help to predict when you’ll require this technique.

    The model is relatively simple and easy; however, compared with other models available on this site, this one is more complex. It isn’t easy, especially if you have big fingers, as some folds are tiny and intricate. If you’d like the model to be more challenging, try using an extra large sheet of paper, and then work your way up to the dollar bill once you’ve had some practice. It’s a beautiful dollar bill origami, and it’s worthwhile to put in the effort.

    How to Make a Heart Out of a Dollar

    Start with a new dollar bill! We’ll start by looking at the back part of the note to get this money heart.

    Step 1. Fold the dollar bill in half.

    Divide the bills in two, creating a crease. Then, fold it in half again.

    Step 2: Fold both sides until the fold.

    Fold the right and left sides until they meet at the crease.

    Step 3: Fold over the bottom of the heart

    Flip the bill upside down and fold the corners upwards until you reach the center fold.

    Step 4: Fold the top half down

    Fold the top portion until it is in line with the bottom of your heart.

    Step 5: Squash fold over the heart

    Make sure you open the folds you’ve just created to allow you to squash the folds on both sides.

    It’s just a matter of squashing parts of the upper half of your heart to create triangles, as illustrated.

    Step 6: Fold in the last two tips


    See! It’s not that bad. This simple Dollar bill origami heart template can be used to serve a variety of purposes! You can leave it in a place for your spouse to locate, like their purse, inside the car, or simply within their pocket. OR you can offer it as a gratuity for the next date night out!

    It’s all about the small things. Making a simple and quick origami heart is only one small idea you can do to express your affection. Enjoy!

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