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How to Factory Reset Windows 11

    There are a variety of circumstances that could trigger Windows experts to carry out an initial reset for at least one of the Windows 11 laptops and desktops.

    A factory reset is a procedure that restores the computer to the exact state it was before it was taken out of the factory. This action erases all preferences, settings, and modifications that the user made following the computer’s introduction. Applications that were installed were also removed from being available.

    A factory reset can be an excellent option if IT has to restore the device to its initial condition. As the IT administrator, you can perform this procedure effortlessly using a Windows 11 environment.

    To begin, back up your personal computer.

    When you are resetting your system You’ll need to backup important data which you do not want to be able to lose. It includes photos, documents songs, movies, and other files however there are additional things to backup to. You should ensure that you have the passwords you have saved and export all the bookmarks you’ve saved in your browser also have the installation documents for every application you’ll need to install and know how to obtain these files.

    Make sure to back up any app-specific information, such as custom filters that you save with a photo program save the files you have saved from your favorite games, and save emails if you are using an offline client.

    Backup your applications If you can

    Some computer programs cannot be saved or synced using a cloud storage service, however, certain apps do. Examine the applications you wish to save and check if it is possible to keep their information. If not ensure that you’ve got all of the documents including purchase information, purchase details as well and login details, before proceeding with an unintentional factory reset or other kind of refresh to your system. You may use a password management program or simply write down your information on paper. There is a chance that you’ll need to redownload certain or all your applications and configure them completely from scratch when your PC restarts. You don’t wish to be unable to access the software you paid for.

    How to do I Factory Reset Windows 11

    1. Choose Settings. If it’s pinned to the Start menu, search for it there. If not, locate it using a search in Windows.
    2. Scroll to “Recovery” in the System menu. The default settings are the System menu when you are using Windows 11, so just scroll, and then select.
    3. Select “Reset PC” next to the “Reset this PC option.”
    4. Decide whether you want to save your data or erase everything. If you choose to keep the files, it will preserve your files, however, it will delete the programs as well as any modifications in settings. It is the latter option that gets rid of all files, however, take note that a highly committed user of the right software for recovering files may have the ability to retrieve your data.
    5. Choose how you want to install Windows 11. The option is to download Windows via the Internet or make use of a backup copy already present on the device.
    6. After you have approved the settings, Click “Next.”
    7. “Reset” and click “Reset” one last time to verify.

    The computer will start to reboot. It will show a screen that says “Preparing to reset” along with the status. The computer will be reset several times before displaying a display that says “Resetting this PC” along with the progress.

    How to Reset Factory Windows 11 by using the Windows Installation Media

    The Windows clean install procedure wipes your hard drive completely, eliminating all files. Be sure to have an archive of all important information before completing the instructions below.

    To install cleanly Windows 11, you’ll need an installation media. Therefore, you need to create a Windows 11 bootable USB drive. After you have the bootable drive in place, go using the following steps.

    Join your Windows 11 installation media to the computer.
    After restarting your computer, you can press the F8, F9, or Esc buttons to access the Boot menu. The Boot menu will appear. choose the USB flash drive for the Boot drive, and enter. If your PC isn’t compatible with the Boot Menu, you’ll have to modify the order of boot via the BIOS menu or the UEFI menu.
    Then, on the Window set-up screen, choose the language you prefer, your time zone as well as currency format. Finally, you can select your preferred layout for keyboards.
    Continue by clicking Next.
    Then, press the Install Now Click the Install Now button.
    When you are on the Activate Windows page, click the link I don’t have Product Key button.
    Select Next, select the Windows 11 edition you want to install. If you don’t, choose the default version and select Next.
    Accept the Terms and select Next.
    The wizard for setting up will recognize your current Windows installation and present you with an option an upgrade option. But, upgrading keeps your application settings, settings, as well as your admin password. Therefore, choose Custom to install Windows Only (advanced).
    Choose your drive for installation and then click Next. Follow the on-screen directions to finish the installation.

    How do I reset Windows 11 From the Sign-in Screen?

    There is an Advanced Startup Options boot menu that can also be used for you to restart Windows 11, ideal for those who are unable to access Settings. There are a variety of methods to open Advanced Startup Options, but there is a method that works through the login screen. The procedure is the same as Resetting the PC using Settings.

    Enter the sign-in screen with keystrokes Win+L. After that, press Shift and select the Power button. Restart.

    The option Reset appears in the Windows 11 Login Screen.
    On the Advanced Startup Options menu, Select Troubleshoot > Reset this computer for the same reset options discussed in the prior section.

    Choose whether you wish to keep your personal information or erase all of them. After that, follow the exact guidelines as described in the previous section to finish the reset procedure.

    After the factory reset, the factory will be

    If you’re selling your device, you do not need to take any or else. If you decide to begin a new journey with your device, you’ll need to take a few additional steps to take, such as the search for updated software and missing drivers. You may also need to install your apps and then restore your data to backup.

    Monitoring for Updates

    To update your version of Windows 11, use these instructions:

    Open Settings.
    Select Windows Update.
    Click on the Check for Updates button.

    After you have completed the steps, Windows Update will download and install the missing updates as well as drivers (if there are any).

    Find missing drivers

    For a quick check of missing drivers following the “Reset this PC,” follow these procedures:

    Open Start.
    Look up Device Manager on Google and select the first result to launch the application.
    Make sure there’s not a branch that’s called “Other devices,” which typically lists devices that don’t have drivers.

    If you are using components that do not have drivers, visit the support site of your computer’s manufacturer for the download and installation of the most recent drivers that are available.

    Factory reset Windows 11 from boot (BIOS)

    To erase Windows 11 from boot using local reinstalls, or cloud downloads follow these actions:

    The computer is started.

    After immediately following the Power-On Self-Test (POST), hit the Power button to close down.

    Repeat steps 1 and 2 two times In the third reboot the system will start Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE). Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE).

    Select the Advanced Options button.

    Click Troubleshoot.

    Choose the “Reset this PC” option.

    Choose”Remove Everything” and then click the “Remove Everything” option to clean the hard drive. Then, install Windows 11. This time, you will be able to install a new copy of Windows 11. Windows 11.

    Select the “Just remove my files” option if you intend to keep the gadget. You can also select the “Fully Clean the Drive “Fully clean the drive” option in case you want to remove the device.

    Choose”Cloud download” or the “Cloud download” option to download Windows 11 instead of using the image available. (If you’d prefer to download the image locally, you can select”Local Reinstall. “Local reinstall” option.)

    Press to reset the device.

    Windows 11 Reset Windows 11 via Command Prompt

    How do I restart Windows 11? A different method to reset Windows 11 is to utilize the command prompt elevated. We’ll follow the steps attentively.

    Step 1. Enter cmd into the search box and after that, right-click on to open the Command Prompt app and select Run as Administrator.

    1. At the command prompt elevated use the system reset -factory reset command and press Enter. Then, you’ll be presented with a typical Windows 11 factory reset and adhere to the instructions on the screen to finish the process.

    Factory Reset Windows 11 with Bootable USB Drive (for PCs that aren’t functional)

    If these methods don’t succeed, is it time to wipe clean Windows 11 to factory reset your system? We’ve already created an in-depth guideline on what to do when installing Windows 11 from USB, following the step-by-step directions in this tutorial. This will erase all applications as well as files on your C drive (won’t alter files stored that are on other drives) and then install the most recent stable version that comes with Windows 11. In this way, you can do a factory reset of Windows 11 using a bootable drive.

    Factory Reset using Windows Reinstallation

    There are times when users face issues with the Reset process, or it isn’t a good fit for their requirements. When this occurs it is possible to build a bootable USB that can boot off it, then install Windows.

    If you arrive at the page for partition selection in the Windows installer wizard

    Then, install it on top of the currently running partition (if you wish to save your previous files).
    Format the existing system partition, and then create a new copy of Windows.
    You could even erase every partition and begin with a clean slate should you wish.

    How do I restore Windows 11 without a password?

    If you forget the password you used, you’ll have to remove your information while resetting your PC.

    Your user account passwords encrypt Windows data. Therefore, it is simpler to try recovering your password, before you get rid of all your information.

    If it’s not possible to accomplish then you must select the remove all option as described in the 6th step of the above second choice.

    It is important to note that the simplest method to change your password is by using a Microsoft account that is not local. If you used an account on your local computer this process is slightly more complicated for you to retrieve your account.

    Restart Your Career With an Easy Reboot

    Don’t let a slow Windows 11 hinder your work or gaming. Make use of one of the following ways to reset the PC to its default settings and be able to see the changes instantly. The PC will operate efficiently, making your experience enjoyable.

    Have you ever tried to restore Windows 11 to factory settings? What did the OS behave after the reboot? Tell us via the comment section in the next post.

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