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How To Enable Link Preview In imessage

    iMessage shows the previous views of the publication links for threads, similar to Twitter or Mastodon. That means users who share the link of Threads post Threads article via iMessage the chat bubble will now show the post’s content within the text, as well as the username and avatar of the person who wrote the post.

    This preview was created using the standard meta tags of the HTML web page’s source code. However, Apple must explicitly allow companies to display the information in the pop-ups. That means Apple acknowledges that Threads is a genuine platform.

    Apple still needs to establish an official account on Twitter, with its official @apple page on Threads. But Apple Music and Apple News have created arrangements, though they’re yet to create posts. Apple is also a friend of Phil Schiller and is the only individual to be the only executive with an account (public) charge for the service.

    A while ago, receiving enhanced previews of rich content on your social media platforms via iMessage was rare. Apple did not, in particular, support Facebook, although it did offer Twitter previews.

    Link Preview Requirements

    To allow a hyperlink to display a preview of the page, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

    • The subscriber must be able to access your shortcode or a toll-free number saved as a contact in their device. This can be done through a mailing card.
    • The hyperlink should represent the final piece of your message (more details on this in the next section).
    • The letter should contain only one link. A statement that has multiple links won’t generate previews.

    How to use the Preview function of the iPhone link 

    Whether you’re a brand novice to using the iPhone or you’ve been using it for quite a long time, there’s an opportunity that you need to learn about previewing links within iMessage. If you’re in a position not to use this option, use the methods below.

    Not all versions of iOS provide the same functions; The characteristics listed in this article may not work. These methods were tested using iOS 16.6. Be sure to be connected to Wi-Fi or cell data to test the plans.

    Method 1: Disable and enable Issassage.

    To turn on and off the iMessage feature on the iPhone, follow these procedures in the following paragraphs:

    • You can go to Settings on your iPhone.
    • Scroll to the bottom and then click the Messages.
    • If iMessage is not working, you can enable it by clicking the switch. If enabled, then first press the toggle to turn it off, after which you tap it once more to turn it on.

    Return to Image to verify whether the preview of your link works or not. 

    Method 2: Check the software update 

    The preview feature for links may not function for your iPhone regardless of whether the operating system in your device has yet to be up-to-date. For the part to function correctly, your device must be upgraded to iOS 16.6 or greater. To verify and update, you can follow these steps:

    • Go to the Settings menu on your device and click on General.
    • Tap on Software Update.

    • If there is an update, click download, download and install.

    Method 3: enable MMS messages

    The preview feature for links may not function if your iPhone’s MMS setting is turned off. Following the instructions in the following paragraphs, it is possible to enable MMS messaging.

    • In the configuration, move down, then select the messages.
    • The option will be that says SMS/MMS. Alternate in the Subject Show field.

    Check the results using the same method. Imessage.

    Method 4: Check the network

    In some cases, the lack of Internet availability can lead to the link preview not working. For this issue problem, take the steps listed in the following steps.

    • Drag on the Control Center.
    • You must activate it. Then start the flat mode and then take it into account. The network will be refreshed.

    • Check that your wireless or cellular data is active.

    Return to Image and look for the reviews.

    Method 5: Application of Force Quit and Reusch messages

    Certain features of different apps are not working because the application has been inactive for an extended duration. To fix this issue, follow the procedures in the following steps:

    Take note that if you force quit, it is also possible to reboot your phone to ensure more excellent performance.

    Force it to leave the messages by touching it up.

    • Open messages, then the chat you want to share the preview link.
    • You may utilize the feature of previewing links without difficulty.

    Disable Link Preview on iPhone

    There aren’t any settings within iOS to turn off the complete view previews of links. The best option is to conceal the preview whenever looking at it. It is done simply by clicking the “Hide Preview” option above the preview. Using the link preview hidden mode is recommended to ensure you don’t suddenly notice an unintentional webpage open in the form of a preview. When you’ve checked the URL, click the “Tap to show preview” option to turn on the preview.

    It is important to note that the various apps keep track of your preferences and hide or display the preview on subsequent occasions. This way, you can view the entire view or only the hyperlinked URL, not the webpage’s contents.

    Change Long Tap Duration

    If you’re having an issue with accessibility tapping for a long time on your iPhone, You can extend the time between the tap and the preview.

    Navigate to iPhone “Settings” and navigate to the “Accessibility > Touch” section.

    Click on the “Haptic Touch” option and alter the touch duration from “Slow.”

    Testing the configuration using the picture on the web page is possible. You can see how quick or slow the preview will appear when you press and hold.

    Change Long Tap Duration

    If you’re looking to eliminate the previews of links for whatever reason, your only choice is to utilize alternative apps for iPhone. For instance, you can use Gmail, Chrome, and other apps from third-party vendors that don’t reveal the preview when you click a link. Here is what the context menu should display in the Google Chrome app when you hold a hyperlink for a long time.

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