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How To Enable Link Preview In Imessage

    The Messages app with your iPhone keeps you in contact with family and friends. You can secure the Messages application on your iPhone to prevent unauthorized access to your conversations. In addition to sending files, you can also see an idea of the websites you send or transmit to in the messages.

    You will get an overview of an online link before deciding whether to view it. Some users have complained about links that do not have inaccessible previews within the Messages application. For this reason, We will provide some of the top solutions to fix links that do not work in the Messages app for your iPhone.

    How To Fix iPhone Won’t Open Links In Messages?

    Restart your iPhone After Forcing Apps To Shut Down.

    Step 1: Move your finger to the right from below the screen. Pause in the middle. This is where the apps that have been closed recently will be displayed. Next, swipe to complete all of them one at a time.

    Step 2. Step 2: On your iPhone, start your Settings app.

    Step 3: Click “General” from the drop-down menu.

    Step 4: Scroll down until you reach the bottom and then hit “Shut Down.”

    Step 5: To turn off your iPhone, move the slider until it turns off and wait until the phone completely shuts off.

    Step 6: Last but not least, switch up your tablet. Click the Side Button until the Apple logo is displayed for you to switch your iPad on.

    Step 7: Verify to make sure the link preview works.

    Check The Device Settings

    The only way to ensure that a hyperlink will be acknowledged as a hyperlink and not simply text in SMS is to message through your iOS gadget to the iOS device.

    This issue can be avoided by sending the message via an iOS device in the usual way, after which you copy the message and then click “paste as plain text” inside an Android application, SMS gateway web interface or a standard SMS client. A hyperlink within text messages on iPhone will make the process easy.

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    When you send an email to someone using G Suite on the web, previewing the URLs in the email is possible. In this case, for example, if you’d like to let them be aware of the availability of a Google Doc and want to include a link to the documents in Google Docs, your recipients can view it without sending an additional message.

    Refresh IMessage

    Step 1: First, you must open the Settings app on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Then, scroll to the bottom and hit “Messages.”

    Step 3: Disable “iMessage” here.

    Step 4. Reboot the Home screen and force-close any active applications.

    Step 5: Turn off “iMessage” and see if you can preview the link.

    Reset All Settings

    Step 1: First, open your iPhone’s Settings application.

    Step 2: Click “General” from the drop-down menu.

    Step 3: Click “ResStep 4: Choose “Reset All Settings” from the drop-down menu.

    Step 5: If prompted, type in your Passcode and Screen Time Passcode.

    Step 6: Inside the pop-up window, select “Reset All Settings.”

    Step 7: Inside the pop-up, click “Reset All Settings” once again to verify.

    Step 8: Wait for your iPhone to boot up.

    Step 9: The iPhone can now see the preview on the page.


    iPhone users might be facing issues in opening certain links in specific applications. In particular, users might not be able to access the links that are blocked in the access links within text messages in Android, Safari, or Mail applications. Restarting your device or disabling and re-enabling JavaScript may also solve this issue.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Can’t I Open Links In My Text Messages?

    If I am using Android, why do I have trouble opening websites? You can switch off the WiFi connection if you’re still having an issue, head to your settings for data and then check whether the applications running in background mode consume more memory or battery. It’s possible to clear out anything consuming power within your device’s settings.

    My iPhone Does Not Have Links Enabled?

    Start Safari and then tap “Settings.” Then, choose “Open Links” at the end of the screen. Two options should appear: “In Background” and “In New Tab or Window.” If you’re trying to figure out how to access hyperlinks in text messages currently opened in different tabs and remaining on the present page, select “In Background.”

    Why Won’t The Links I Click On Open?

    One of the most annoying issues is while you’re scrolling through your link list, turning off hyperlinks on text messages iPhone for your computer to be able to sound a chime to let you know the hyperlink is active; however, instead, it beeps, then flashes across the display. It is a reason why the hyperlinks are only sometimes being opened.

    Why Does The Link Not Work?

    In the world of the internet, hyperlinks could fail because the URL was typed incorrectly or incorrectly directed (for instance, if the launch of a new website using a URL that is similar to the existing one) or it’s changed (as could happen when the current website has a name change or a URL scheme). The webpage is not loading due to many factors, like an issue with the server.

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