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How to Download WhatsApp Chat History

    WhatsApp chats store a wealth of important messages, attachments, and business or personal data. This is why most users make regular backups and exports to protect chats. The manual approach to exporting WhatsApp chats is a one-by-one procedure, which can be extremely lengthy.

    In the current fast-paced environment, it is essential to find the possibility of exporting WhatsApp chat. This article is about this since we’ll provide all of the options for users to export the entirety of WhatsApp chats in one go. So, let’s get started.

    Why Export WhatsApp Chats?

    The preservation of your chat history must be an essential consideration for every WhatsApp user, especially professional users. Without warning, you could end up losing access to the account and many years of valuable conversations through WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp doesn’t keep your information forever – you lose your device or remove WhatsApp, and the chat history may disappear without any trace.

    Exports of WhatsApp chats are now searchable archives that can be stored on a portable device, protecting your precious memories and details, as well as a glimpse into the relationships you have built in the course of long periods. If you lose this archive, you risk losing precious conversations and essential details.

    Take your time.

    Save WhatsApp chats on computers (iPhone)

    TouchCopy is powerful software that lets you review iPhone material and then copy what you’d like onto your PC or Mac. With TouchCopy, you can access all of your WhatsApp chats, export them (along with emoticons and other connected media), or print them!

    You can export your WhatsApp chat logs to your computer together. TouchCopy:

    Install and download TouchCopy on your PC.

    Attach the iPhone to your PC together with the USB cable.

    Start TouchCopy and then select “Messages”.

    Choose the WhatsApp chats that you wish to export.

    Select to save it in HTML, PDF or plain Text.

    Choose a location for saving the chats that you exported to.

    If you want to store specific pictures but don’t have to export the contents of your WhatsApp chats, you can also copy only the images of the chat messages on your computer using TouchCopy!

    How to Export WhatsApp Chats to PDF on PC?

    One of the accurate advantages of WhatsApp is the ability to convert individual chats into the form of a text file if you wish to. At the moment, it is not possible to export chat messages in WhatsApp allows us to save chat messages, not share attachments. After exporting chat conversations as a text file, you are able to move it onto your PC and save it to the format of PDF. If you feel that the procedure to convert WhatsApp chats into PDF seems complex, you can you should follow these steps:

    Step 1. Export chats to a TXT format

    To begin, start WhatsApp on your phone and then go to the chat which you want to export. Then, click on the icon with three dots on top and select”Export Chat” from the “Export Chat” choice on WhatsApp. If you are together with the most recent version, the opportunity will be displayed in the menu More > Export Chat instead.

    The program offers several options for exporting chats to TXT files. You can select the preferred format for saving the TXT file to your device or connect the file to Google Drive to share it easily with others.

    Step 2. Transfer WhatsApp chats to PDF. WhatsApp chats as PDF

    After you’ve shared your exported chats on Google Drive, you can open them on your computer and then download the file. Simply start the WhatsApp chat in MS Word to view the chat. After that, open the Main Menu > Save As > File and select to save the document as a “PDF” file under the “Save as type” field.

    That’s it! It will allow you to save all your WhatsApp chats to your computer in PDF format.

    What can I do to transfer WhatsApp messages?

    Yes, you are able to export WhatsApp messages using Email. The first step is to select the desired WhatsApp chat. Click on the “Vertical Ellipsis” icon to start the chat, then click “More Option”, and after that, tap “Export Chat”. If you wish only to export a portion that contains Text, select “Without Media”; if you want to export everything, you can choose “Include Media”.

    Do I have the ability to be able to save WhatsApp messages on my PC from my Android phone?

    Follow these three easy steps:

    1. Make use of the USB cable to link your Android phone to a computer. After that, navigate to the internal memory of your phone, and then select”What app” in the “What App” folder.

    2. copy the folder, then place it on your desktop.

    3. Navigate to the WhatsApp folder, click on the message, and select “Export to TV.” This process takes a couple of hours, and all messages are saved in the extension. You can also download the WhatsApp message directly on your computer.

    How to Back up WhatsApp to Google Drive?

    It is possible to open the WhatsApp application. Navigate to Settings, Select “Chats,” and choose the “Chats Backup” opportunity. Then, select”Back up to Google Drive. “Back Up to Google Drive” feature for backup of WhatsApp messages.

    How Can I Restore My WhatsApp Chat History?

    If you download WhatsApp onto your mobile, the app will ask whether you need to restore the chat history. Prior to downloading, check that the backup is stored on the device or in your linked cloud-based Storage—i.e. Google Drive or iCloud—and then select the choice when it pops up.

    How Do I Backup My WhatsApp Messages to Another Phone?

    Follow this guideline to save your WhatsApp files locally or in the cloud. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to download the data onto the device you’ve purchased. But if you’ve connected your smartphone to an iCloud or Google account, you’ll be able to restore the data you have saved without downloading it.

    What can be the cause of WhatsApp backups being inaccessible?

    The most common reasons WhatsApp backups get stuck are poor or unstable internet connectivity, insufficient storage capacity in iCloud and Google Drive, and old versions of WhatsApp.

    How can I fix this issue? WhatsApp is unable to backup.

    It is recommended that you restart your device or network and clear any unneeded files from iCloud or Google Drive to free some space. Also, you can update the version of WhatsApp you are using. WhatsApp version.

    How do I delete WhatsApp Backups on Google Drive?

    Visit Google Drive, then under Storage, choose the opportunity. There will be a “Backups” choice, so click the option. To delete backup files, select”Delete Backup” and then click the “Delete Backup” choice.


    These methods offer efficient methods to export WhatsApp chats, appropriate for iPhone and Android users. However, these methods may appear a little complicated and restrictive when compared to Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer.

    The choice of Mobitrix WhatsApp Transfer makes the export process more efficient and secure. It lets you save or restore WhatsApp information to your computer quickly and efficiently with just a couple of clicks.

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