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How To Download Songs On Spotify

    Spotify is among the top streaming services which have earned its position among our top music streaming services. If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you must know how to download playlists and albums to listen offline. It allows you to listen to the music you love when an Internet connection or Wi-Fi signal isn’t always available or reliable in the event of a flight or during train journeys.

    It is possible to download only podcasts using a Spotify free account. Spotify Premium users, who cost $9.99 each month ($99 per year), will also be able to download as many as 10,000 songs across up to five devices at a time. However, you’ll have to log on every 30 days to ensure that your downloaded files are kept to listen offline.

    To learn more about how to do it, follow the instructions below to enjoy Spotify Premium tracks offline.

    Do you have the ability to download music using Spotify’s free version?

    You can’t download music using the Spotify free version of their application. You can download podcasts. You must be a premium user of Spotify to download tracks. However, if you’re already an excellent user, you can download any track album or playlist you’d like to listen to offline listening. It also lets you decide how many devices you can download music on and also how good the quality of downloads is.

    How do I download music from Spotify to your mobile?

    To download tracks from Spotify, select the album or playlist, then press the downward-facing Arrow. Once the download is complete and you’ll be able to see the green downward-facing Arrow that is in front of every track.

    This is a complete step-by-step guide.

    • Start the Spotify application for your iPhone or Android device, and sign in to Your Spotify Premium Account.
    • Click Your Library on the corner to the right of the bottom screen.
    • Click the playlist or album you wish to download.
    • When you are in the playlist or album you are in, click the Download button down-facing arrow button until the toggle changes to green. The Download will begin immediately for all the songs on the album or playlist. Once the downloading is completed, there will be a downward-facing green arrow in front of every piece.
    • To access the saved Spotify playlist or album stored on your smartphone, you just need to open Your Library and click the Downloaded filter in the upper right.

    How do you download music from Spotify on your Desktop?

    As with mobile apps, it is possible to download podcast episodes, but you cannot download songs.

    You can’t download music or podcasts using the Spotify web player.

    If you don’t, here’s how you can download tracks using Spotify’s desktop app:

    • Launch the Spotify desktop application and navigate to the podcast or album you wish to download.
    • Select the Arrow to the left just below the heart icon to download the album.
    • Click on the tile of the podcast and then click on the downward Arrow to download it.
    • The podcast or album is downloaded successfully after the downward Arrow is turned to green.

    How can you download tracks from Spotify to your PC

    • Join Spotify Premium, or log into your Premium account on your computer or Mac.
    • Select Your Library to open the left menu.
    • Choose either the Playlist filter or the Albums filter on the right.

    Once you’ve chosen the music or album you want to download on your account, click Download – which appears as a downward-facing arrow located just below the vast blue Play button. The button will become green, and its playlist or album will start downloading.

    After downloading your music, the songs on the playlist will appear offline. A gray arrow is oriented down in the lower right corner of its download playlist or the album cards inside the library screen.

    Tips: To listen to your playlists downloaded or albums in the Spotify desktop app, click the three dots horizontally in the left-hand corner of the top, then select Offline mode.

    How can I download music from Spotify for iOS?

    Browse the playlist you wish to download using Your Library. Click the Download buttonIt’s a tiny circle with an arrow in its middle.

    Spotify will start downloading the entire playlist on the list on your device. When the songs are downloaded, both playlists and playlists will be tagged with a green version of the download icon. Play downloaded music in Your Library as you would stream them.

    Essential things to keep in mind while downloading music on Spotify

    Downloading songs on Spotify is simple, and you can download as many tracks as you want for playback offline. But there are a couple of things you should keep in your mind.

    The first thing to note is that the max size of one Spotify downloading is 100 MB. That means you can only download a part of the album or playlist simultaneously. It is necessary to download each song individually.

    In addition, you can download music if you’re registered to Spotify by paying for a subscription. If you’re using the trial version of Spotify, you cannot download music to play offline.

    In addition, downloaded music is only playable by devices signed to the Spotify account. If you have shared your history with someone else, they cannot play the songs you downloaded except if they log in to Spotify through their performance.

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