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How To Download Snapchat Stories

    Snapchat is a well-known social media app with unique characteristics and interactivity. The app has introduced “Stories” as a primary feature that lets users post a set of pictures and videos that are deleted in 24 hours. Snapchat Stories have become an integral component of Snapchat’s application.

    The users can show off their talents and individuality and keep in touch with their friends via personal photos, videos, and filters on Snapchat Stories.

    If you’re looking to download your friends’ Snapchat Stories, there’s no download function built-in in the application. This article outlines several methods of downloading your friend’s Snapchat stories.

    How To Download Snapchat Stories?

    You’ll likely be tempted to save a Snapchat post that enticed you.

    It’s a shame that Snapchat does not let users save Snapchat stories that aren’t shared with others. But your chance has been recovered.

    Let’s look at the different methods that you could employ.

    Method 1: Request them to send it to you.

    As obvious and odd as it might sound, it becomes useful when you’re close to a Snapchat acquaintance who has shared an exciting thing on their Snapchat stories.

    You’ll need to respond to the Snapchat account and ask that the individual send you a GIF, a video GIF, and an image and explain the reason behind your request to them.

    If they’re happy with the idea, they’ll deliver it to you.

    Method #2: Record Screenshots

    If there’s a photo you’d like to download, but it isn’t possible to ask someone to forward the image to you, there’s the option of taking an image.

    One of the most significant disadvantages is that Snapchat’s owner may realize you have taken a picture of the Snapchat account.

    Thus, you must be able to explain the reason so that you don’t raise suspicions.

    Take these steps:

    • Start the Snapchat application.
    • Go to the Snapchat Story section.
    • Click on the file you wish to download.
    • After it has started playing, Take a photo to copy the entire story into your gallery.

    Then, browse your gallery from the phone to view your saved image.

    Method 3: Utilize Screen Recorder

    If you want to download the content of someone’s Snapchat stories, particularly videos, but don’t want them to be aware of it, screen recording software is the ideal choice.

    For iOS, there is an integrated screen recorder application; however, for Android, it is necessary to install one on the Play Store.

    On Android

    These steps are to be followed:

    • Go to the Play Store and search for a reliable screen recording application to install, then download it.
    • If you own an inbuilt recorder, tap it and record.
    • After you’ve finished, when you are ready, launch Snapchat and go to the Story section.
    • Return to the screen and then start the screen recording.
    • You can begin recording immediately; start Snapchat and then play the Snapchat story you wish to capture.
    • When the video has stopped, go back to the beginning and end of the screen recording device.
    • Find the location where it is saved. You may edit it to use it in your various other tasks.

    How can you add the other person’s Snapchat onto the camera roll?

    You can save someone else’s Snapchat account to your phone in many ways. The story can be saved to your preferred location, following your phone’s preferences. If you’re using the iPhone, the image is displayed to be saved to the Photos album. On Android, it is kept in the folder designated for the application. You can, however, transfer it to the Camera Roll folder. Additionally, you may employ these Snapchat methods to make it more well-known.

    Then, here are the techniques to save or download another’s Snapchat account for Android and iPhone. Do you agree? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below. There is also a way to access Snapchat Stories without asking and archiving them. We are through social media channels – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


    In this definitive guide, we’ve explored various ways to download Snapchat Stories, all with issues associated with these. Utilizing third-party apps or screen recording or using features built into Snapchat’s Snapchat application, Snapchat users can keep their most loved videos shared by them or other users.


    What can I do to download someone else’s Snapchat Story?

    Snapchat doesn’t offer the option of downloading the content of someone else’s Stories. For this reason, making screenshots or using third-party applications could not be considered respectful or safe.

    Do third-party apps have security concerns when downloading Snapchat Stories?

    Third-party applications claiming to let you download Snapchat Stories could pose serious security threats and infringe on Snapchat’s Terms of Service. You should avoid employing these apps.

    Do you know how to get Snapchat Stories to download Snapchat Stories without using third-party applications?

    You can save your private Stories through Snapchat’s built-in “Save Stories” feature.

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