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how to connect replacement airpod

    AirPods are easy to lose and we’ve seen. If you’ve needed to purchase a single new AirPod earbud, you may think that everything is well. Your lonely AirPod is now a good friend once more. However, some Apple users are reporting that their new AirPod will not pair with their original AirPod and that defeats the purpose of having a functioning and compatible pair.

    You don’t have to worry, it’s not even a problem this time, or is your brand new AirPod damaged? Apple mistakenly released replacement AirPods using an unreleased firmware version 2D3 that makes them unusable with the AirPods you already have. Both AirPods must be running the same firmware to pair.

    How to Pair Your Replacement AirPod or AirPods’ Case

    If you’ve recently received replacements, you’ll need to reconnect the new AirPod with what’s left from your original pair. It’s similar to resetting your AirPods and the procedure isn’t too complicated.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide on connecting your new AirPod to the original AirPods case:

    Click on ‘Settings’ within either your iPhone or iPad and then select ‘Bluetooth.’
    Tap the icon for Information (i) on just the left side of your AirPods.
    Tap ‘Forget This Device.’
    Enter “Forget Device at the first prompt. Tap repeat the prompt in the second.
    Place the AirPods in their case for charging.
    Verify that the status light blinks amber when you close the lid of the charging device.
    Close the lid and hold the setup button in the charger until the light turns white.
    You can go on to the Start Screen of the iPhone or iPad. Unlock your charging case (with your AirPods within) next to your device, and then wait until the animation for setup to show.
    Click ‘Connect’ and then “Done.’

    Why Won’t My Replacement AirPod Connect?

    Although Apple will offer an alternative AirPod however, it won’t instantly connect with the AirPod that you already own. Contrary to AirPods you normally purchase and are sold in matched pairs, replacement AirPods are not paired AirPods and don’t function right from the box. For connecting your new AirPod it is necessary to follow the steps described in the previous section: Put the original AirPod inside your case and the new AirPod and then reset both AirPods and then pair them to your phone.

    If your new AirPod does not connect you can try to reset the factory settings to the AirPods:

    Remove your AirPods from your smartphone.

    Place your AirPods inside the case and keep the case closed for at most 30 seconds.

    Remove the case of charging.

    Hold the button to set up hold it up until the indication light turns amber.

    Connect the AirPods to your phone.

    What happens if you don’t have AppleCare+?

    If you are not protected under AppleCare+, The cost of repair or replacement is higher. Out-of-warranty AirPods will cost you $69 for each replacement earbud, Wireless charging case, and MagSafe charging case. While the wired charging case costs USD 59. Outside of warranty, you pay just $89 to get AirPods Pro or the case. Apple AirPods Pro or the case. This AirPods Max replacement fee depends on the repair. Therefore, you must get pricing from a representative of the service.

    Apple recently launched a self-service repair plan that allows users to purchase and replace components for various models, to make them more sustainable. However, this doesn’t yet include any models of AirPods that unfortunately make sense. Earbuds are notoriously difficult to fix. IFixit has declared every model of AirPods not repairable.


    Below is a list of trusted stores where customers can buy and replace their AirPods from Apple:

    Apple Stores – Apple Stores is the largest and most trusted option to replace AirPods and should be the first choice for users. Apple stores are accessible via the internet or local brick-and-mortar websites.
    Apple Approved Parts dealers – for areas that do not have brick-and-mortar stores, Apple will often certify local dealers to market their parts for repair and replacement. It’s fine to ask for the certification of a dealer before purchasing Apple’s new parts.
    eCommerce portals – Apple may also permit certain websites and portals to repair and service their equipment. This is a great option for those with certain travel restrictions in the event of replacing AirPods
    Discoverers and Saver – There are some rare occasions when you locate a spare Apple Airpod at a random location or be able to access one via an acquaintance or family member. You can connect the Apple AirPod with your original one.

    What should I do if I lose the AirPod case?

    If you’ve misplaced your AirPod case, You can purchase the new model via Apple’s website or every Apple Store. Airpod case replacements are priced between $49 and $79 depending on the version you’re replacing.

    It is cheaper to buy new AirPods or the case?

    It is less expensive for replacing your AirPods instead of the case.

    Replacement AirPods can be purchased through the Apple website or at every Apple Store they are less expensive than purchasing a fresh AirPod case. If you damage the seal of your case will not be replaced for a low cost. The replacement AirPod cost between $69 and $159 depending on the type you’re trying to replace.

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