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How To Connect Iphone To Tcl Android Tv?

    TCL TVs are among the most affordable brands of TV that are available. However, this does not mean that you cannot manage these TVs using software applications similar to those of the higher-end smart TVs. One of the main benefits of the TCL television is the fact that it can be controlled using the iPhone and any other iOS devices, similar to the more expensive models.

    Below, you’ll find a tutorial to control your TCL TV using your iPhone and connecting your iPhone to the TCL television system. After reading this guide, you’ll be successful in getting the TCL TV remote control functioning using your iPhone.

    How can I Mirror my iPhone onto the TV on my TCL Android TV?

    There are several methods you can mirror the screen of the contents of your iPhone on the TCL Android TV. One option is to use an application similar to AirMirror. Another option is to use the mirroring features built-in to TCL’s TCL Android TV.

    How do I connect AirPlay to my TCL Android TV?

    For AirPlay to work with the TCL Android TV, you’ll have to ensure that your TV is operating the latest software update. When your TV has been upgraded, go to the Settings menu, then select System > Network > AirPlay. You will then be able to view the list of available AirPlay devices. Choose your AirPlay device and begin streaming!

    How can I screen mirror my TV on the TCL TV?

    To mirror your screen on the TCL TV, you must first make sure the TV is connected to the right input. To accomplish this, press the MENU button and then select Settings. Under Display ensure that Mirroring is selected. The mirroring option is turned On.

    AllCast Live Screen-Share

    It is easy to find icons for your audios, videos, and photos when you launch the app typically on its Menu. Additionally, files that are saved to Google Drive or other online storage devices Google Drive and other online memory storage devices can be opened and put on the app’s display. In this way, you can transfer your files to your large screen to get a wider view.

    Here’s how you can accomplish this:

    • Download and install the application via the Apple App Store.
    • Start the app and allow it time to download your files.
    • Click the preferred media files to mirror.
    • Then, click the icon for casting on the left bottom of the interface.
    • A drop-down list of devices will show. Find and click on to reveal the model of your TCL TV.
    • You’ve got it! Your TV has been set to duplicate your phone’s contents.

    How Can I Mirror My iPhone to My Tcl TV?

    • You are now able to access the iPhone’s Control Center.
    • Make sure to tap Screen Mirroring after you’re done.
    • You’ll then have to choose the Roku device.
    • Your iPhone should be connected to your TV to input the code.
    • Now you can mirror the contents of your iPhone on the Roku device by pressing OK.

    Does TCL TV Have Screen Mirroring

    TCL TV is one of the most well-known mart TVs on the market. TCL TV and Roku are both compatible. TCL as well as TCL Roku smart TVs can have screen mirroring capabilities. Additionally, some TCL Android TVs are built-in with Chromecast which facilitates TCL screens to mirror. In any case, make sure to check if your home television is equipped with the feature, or not.


    You can now check out the ways that you can see how your iPhone as well as the other Apple gadgets can be linked with your TCL Television screen. The process is fairly straightforward. The screen-sharing function is beneficial, particularly in smaller settings. For a formal gathering with between 10 and 20 attendees, you can connect your mobile device to your TCL and start your mini-presentation.

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