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How To Change Profile Picture In Duolingo

    Duolingo is a site for language learning that lets you study different languages at home. It operates both on PC as well as mobile by using an application.

    In case you’re using the Duolingo application for your phone, it is possible that you have come across other users with customized pictures on their profiles, and you would like to do the same feature.

    This guide will discover how to modify icons in Duolingo by following a few simple instructions in this guide along with others.

    Can You Change Your Profile Picture in Duolingo?

    Yes. But, it’s challenging to alter your profile image in Duolingo Android; you first need to convert it from your computer. If you don’t, you’ll have the choice to change your avatar. However, you cannot choose the desired image.

    Be aware that the steps might differ depending upon the particular version you use of Duolingo or the internet browser you’re employing.

    Method 1: Using Android App

    If you want to change the picture of your profile to a different profile photo on Duolingo for Android, take these steps:

    • Start the Duolingo application and then tap the icon for faces at the top of the screen.
    • Click the pencil icon on the profile photo you are currently using.
    • It is possible to take photos or pick your images from the gallery.
    • Modify the image as you like. Then press Save to make it your profile picture.

    Method 2: Using Desktop Version

    If you want to change the picture of your profile using Duolingo on a computer with a web browser, it is possible to follow the steps:

    • Go to Duolingo’s official website using your internet browser.
    • Log into your Duolingo account.
    • Select the PROFILE tab located on the left-hand side of your screen.
    • Just below your current picture, there will be an icon for pencils. Just click on it.
    • Choose a file below the profile image.
    • Choose the photo you want for your profile image and select Save Changes.


    Changing the color of your Duolingo icon to a customized photo you like could make learning the language easier to master.

    You can follow this article to alter the color of your Duolingo icon to take advantage of the app to the maximum and forward this article’s information to your acquaintances, as they may require it.

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