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how to change keyboard color on msi

    Are you aware of how to change the MSI color of the keyboard? We will explain it here. MSI is well-known for its high-quality gaming laptops. Apart from the typical extravagant features you’d think of from a gaming laptop, They also come with excellent keyboards.

    Most high-end laptops go even further and can support regional or RGB keyboard backlighting. You can also customize the lighting of the keyboard key according to your preferences. If you don’t own an MSI laptop and don’t have one, then read this article on how to turn off the lighting on the keyboards of different laptops.
    In this article, we’ll detail how to change the MSI color of the keyboard.

    Does My MSI Keyboard Work with Multiple RGB?

    MSI Gaming laptops support static or multiple RGB backlights on keyboards. Look for the SteelSeries logo at the top of the keyboard to find out whether the keyboard can be used with various or one RGB.

    SteelSeries produces keyboards designed for MSI laptops with numerous RGB. Therefore, there is a dedicated SteelSeries feature key, which can switch between various Backlight RGB patterns.

    If the MSI laptop doesn’t have an option key with an image of the SteelSeries logo, its backlight could be static. If your backlight appears stationary, you can alter its brightness.

    How do I Change the Color of MSI’s Keyboard?

    To alter them MSI color of the keyboard, use the function keys on your keyboard or an application called SteelSeries Engine 3.

    Method #1: Change the Keyboard Color using the Function Keys

    To change the colors of the system configuration, i.e., the BIOS cycle of your computer, it is necessary to use the Fn + C keys to display the available backlight colors. The colors blue, green, red, and white are on by default. You can alter the backlight color of your keyboard.

    What are the keyboard colors available for MSI laptops?

    There are many colors to choose from if you want to alter the color of the keyboard of your MSI keyboard.

    You can pick from a range of shades to choose from. In addition, you can choose to spin the color wheel to select your preferred setting.

    Using a color wheel, you can alter and control the color of your MSI keyboard’s light source to whatever you’d like.

    You must note that you’ll only do this via the SteelSeries setup on the MSI laptop.

    How can you alter the colors of your keys in Windows 10?

    When you’re using your keyboard, type Windows Key+I. Doing this will start the Settings app. Select the Personalization tile. Go to the left pane menu, and then select Colors.

    How can I disable the color on the keyboard of my MSI keyboard?

    There are many methods to accomplish this. For Windows, it is easy to press the Windows button and press the Pause/Break button. This will open the System Properties window. From there, select the Hardware tab, and then select Device Manager.

    Right-click on your keyboard and select Properties. On the Device Usage tab, uncheck the box that reads, “Enable your device’s ability to awaken the PC from its sleep.” After that, click OK, and close all your browsers.

    For Macs, You can hold down the Command+Option+P+R keys until you reboot your computer. This resets your keyboard’s settings and switches off the backlight too. If you need more time to be successful, try again by holding your keys for an extended duration of time prior to restarting.

    What’s the reason my MSI keyboard is not illuminating?

    If you’ve pressed the hotkey or used the software to switch on the keyboard’s LED backlight, however, the LED backlight is not working, press Fn and the keypad ( ) to boost the keyboard’s brightness check.


    We’ve highlighted the step-by-step procedure to personalize your MSI keyboard. The installed software makes it easy to customize the keyboard’s color. Utilizing the RGB MSI keyboard will provide you with an elegant feel. You don’t just get to become a night runner; its comfortability and bright keys will motivate users to be more productive. We hope you’ve discovered how to change the keyboard color on an MSI laptop. Follow the steps above to customize the color of your keyboard to suit your preferences. It will boost your productivity and creativity with this magical rainbow. All the best, Luck.Bye!

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