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How To Cancel Amazon Music

    Amazon Music Unlimited is a streaming service for music that allows you to stream millions of songs via your smartphone, computer, or tablet. It lets you listen to the music of your choice, explore new music, or download tracks to listen to offline. Amazon Music Unlimited is available at $8.99 monthly for Prime subscribers and $9.99 monthly for anyone who is not Prime. If you’re unsure whether you’d like to continue this service, we’ll tell you how to unsubscribe from Amazon Music Unlimited in order to ensure it doesn’t cost you the next time.

    How can I unsubscribe from Amazon Music for the desktop version of a browser?

    • Log on to the Amazon site and log into your Amazon account, in case you need to.
    • In the upper-right corner of the screen, you can hover over Account and Lists. Choose Memberships and Subscriptions from The drop-down menu.
    • Click on the cancel subscription button right next to Amazon Music.
    • Go through the screen prompts to confirm your cancellation.

    How do I cancel Amazon Music on the Android application?

    • Start the Amazon Music application.
    • Click the gear-shaped icon Settings. Then, tap the gear-shaped Settings icon Amazon Music Unlimited.
    • Within the Subscription Renewal section, click Cancel Subscription.
    • Tap Submit to confirm cancelation.

    How do I cancel Amazon Music on iOS?

    This is where it’s important the way you began the subscription.

    If you signed up via iTunes, then you need to go to the Apple site to stop the transaction. If you paid via a third party (like Apple or Google), You might need to notify them of your intention to cancel. They might also provide you with an amount of money back if you’re in line with the terms of their policies. In the event that you have subscribed via Amazon, then you’ll be able to use the Amazon Music app to cancel your subscription.

    This procedure can be done by both iPhones as well as iPads.

    • Launch the app.
    • Make sure to click on the gear-shaped Settings icon.
    • Select Amazon Music Unlimited.
    • Tap Cancel subscription in the Section for renewal of subscriptions.
    • Enter your email address and confirm the cancellation.
    • Moving on to the final technique.


    If you have subscribed to Amazon Music on iTunes, you are able to cancel the subscription in this manner:

    • Start your browser, and then visit
    • Scroll to Billing & Subscriptions.
    • Choose to See or unsubscribe.

    The browser you are using will ask you to launch iTunes. If it’s not installed, follow the hyperlink to install iTunes absolutely free of charge.

    • After opening the iTunes app, click Account and then click View the Account.
    • Under the Settings tab, Look for Subscriptions and then select Manage right next to it.
    • Look up the details of your Amazon Music subscription and select the appropriate option.
    • Tap Cancel subscription.
    • Make sure you confirm the move.

    From Settings:

    • Launch the Settings application. Enter your username in the upper right corner of your screen.
    • Tap Subscriptions.
    • Tap Cancel Subscription in the middle of Amazon Music, then tap Confirm.

    Wrap Up

    There are a variety of methods to stop your Amazon Music service, and we have provided the simplest and the most popular. It is possible to cancel your Amazon Music subscription on your personal computer, iTunes, or Android or iOS gadget. The procedure is essentially identical.

    Be aware. However, you’ll lose access to your downloaded content if you cancel the subscription.

    You’re done! You are aware of the best way to unsubscribe from Amazon Music.

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