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how to add unsupported cards to apple wallet

    iPhone users can save rewards cards and details about membership cards through the Apple Wallet App, which was initially employed to keep debit and credit card data.

    As with many people, individuals have accumulated a lot of loyalty and rewards cards throughout many years. However, they are usually lost at the time you require them most.

    Instead of searching for the cards you need in your purse, Wallet or purse, You can use this moment to link your credit cards to the wallet App.

    But, certain reward cards will automatically permit the user to include them in an iPhone Wallet application via an app-based prompt or just a mouse click on their website. In contrast, the cards listed above don’t allow these features and should be added following the instructions below.

    How do I add a rewards card or membership card to an iPhone?

    • Install the Pass2U application for your iPhone
    • Launch Pass2U
    • On the top, tap the Search button.
    • Input the name of your rewards card if you own one.
    • Choose a template that you like, and then wipe it
    • Tap Next
    • Please fill in the necessary fields.
    • Use the scanner feature to scan your barcode on the scanner feature
    • Once you’re done, tap Done.

    Add Unsupported Cards to Pass2U Wallet

    After you have confirmed that the card is not supported through Apple Wallet, you can include it in your Pass2U account. You can add a card to the Pass2U account and select the option shown in the following sections:

    Apply Pass Template

    Apply Pass Template lets you select the card you already have or templates designed by fellow Pass2U Wallet users. Check out the following steps to learn how to include unsupported cards into Apple Wallet:

    • Tap on Apply to a template pass, or tap the dash menu in the upper left corner.
    • Tap to open the Pass Store to see existing templates.
    • Select a template and open an account with a Pass2U Wallet account. Also, you have the option to set up a personal account.
    • Once you’ve created your account, based on the kind of card or pass, you must enter your information like name, member number, contact phone number, the website and any other data.
    • The central aspect is the barcode, which you use to scan or input using the camera.
    • After scanning the barcode, select Add to save it into the Wallet.

    Scan the Barcode on the Card

    If the ID card or pass you’re looking to insert isn’t a template, use the camera on your iPhone to scan barcodes from an online or physical source. Follow the steps listed below to join cards that Apple Wallet does not support:

    • Start the camera and then scan the barcode.
    • Press OK to transform the barcode into Apple’s Wallet Pass format.
    • Choose the kind of pass and type in the name of the pass.
    • Then, you can press Done to generate your account.
    • Then, it’ll present a preview of your Wallet’s card. Click Add to include it.

    Notification: The card will be immediately accessible in Apple Wallet; you can also find it on your list of cards within Pass2U. You will make the card available in Apple Wallet.

    Enter the Barcode on the Card

    If you cannot scan the barcode for some reason, you can input the code by hand. The steps below will help you include unsupported cards into Apple Wallet:

    • Select the barcode type and put the barcode number in the barcode that appears on the card you have in your Wallet or your computer.
    • Enter the code and click on the Create Pass.
    • Select the form of the pass, and then enter the name of the pass.
    • After that, click Done to generate your card. It will display the image of the wallet card. Then, click Add to save it.

    Get the Barcode in the Photo

    Additionally, you can use the screenshot feature from your iPhone’s Photos library to scan barcodes.

    • Select the image within your pictures and then tap for confirmation to continue.
    • Choose the pass type and then enter your pass’s name. Then click Done to generate your pass.
    • Finally, tap Add to include it.

    Look up your Credit Cards on Apple Wallet

    Every pass and card you use within the Apple Wallet Apple Wallet app will be taken as a separate card or pass. Every pass and card appears distinct when you double-click the shortcuts on the Side or Home buttons to open Apple Wallet.

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